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I know Dawn, "Sweetblood" had said some time ago she was taking a break from CSN, but has anyone heard from her? is she doing OK??

And the same for "Kimba", Marks Partner, "Doctor Mary", "ECKDENNIE" ETC.

I may have butchered some of the names.



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prayers that your treatment is going to end in NED~~~I often wonder about people I don't see on here anymore...I have been especially wondering lately about Nick...I know he goes to The James Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio, which is where I went and still go every 4 months for scopes...so far, so good..November 2,will be 1 year since surgery that removed my epiglottis

Kent Cass
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John and maybe a couple others keep in contact with her, and I inquired about awhile ago- John filled me in and said she's doing okay. Hope you are, too, Mike.


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Pam M
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It's been a few weeks, but Kimba "sounded" good when she popped in here one day. Dawn and "Doctor Mary" post on fb from time to time - they seem fine. EKDennie dropped in here recently to give hope to someone who wants to have a baby post-treatment.

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