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Update on my George:

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Well where do I start. George is in big trouble. We went into the hospital last Monday and things are not going well. His poor body is just beat up. He is experiencing kidney failure, horrific diarrhea even while not eating anything. His heart is irratic giving them a bit of trouble, his breathing is labored although oxygenation is now good He has developed a pneumonia in the lower left lobe, he is very aggitated, although I can generally understand what he wants his speech is just not there, he can't talk with any understanding. He has minimal strength although last night he did try to put his feet over the side of the bed and wanted me to help him get up and when told him no, he has to lay back he told me I could help him if I wanted to, he just doesn't understand what is going on. The renal docs were in on Friday and talked about dialysis but they haven'd done anything on that front yet.

Right now I am so very terrified and scared. This came out of the blue and so unexpected. During the week I thought he was doing a bit better and least he looked a bit better but each day now he seems worse despite their best efforts. He is in a private room in a step down unit so there is one nurse and assistant for every 2-3 patients so the care has been extraordinary. He is being seen by just about every department in the hospital. We totally never expected this. We went in to the ER for fluids and such like we have a few other times thinking he would might be admitted for a couple days, get everything stabilized and then go home. I never saw this coming.

So if you have a few minutes please remember my George in your prayers or just send him some good thoughts and vibes.

Late last night when I left to go home and was giving him a kiss goodbye he looked up and said I love you so very much then drifted off to sleep. I met this man when I was 16, we finished high school, went on to college then got married and it has been 42 wonderful years. Life just doesn't seem possible without him.

Love to all - Tina

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Hi Tina,

I am so sorry that George and you are going through this difficult time. My thoughts, prayers and we are sending good vibes across the globe to you both. It sounds like George is getting the best of care. Its also a coincidence that both my wife and I met when we were 16 and have been together for 42 wonderful years. George may be around for longer than what you think, I really do hope so for you two. From a Stage4 survivor who also has a limited time left here, make the most of your time with George.


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I'm thinking of you both and praying for thinks turn in to better !
Love to you both!

Cathleen Mary
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I am so sorry for all that you and George are going through. Please know that you are both in my heart and prayer. Being blind sided makes coping even harder. Thank goodness, he is getting excellent care...that matters a lot. Take good care of you, too. We are all here for you and hoping Georg'e's situation turns around soon.

Cathleen Mary

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I am so very sorry to hear this news about your George. I know how frightening all this must be for you both.

Getting great care is so important and I am thankful that is what he is getting.

Please know that prayers are winging their way for George that his overall condition improves as the days go on, and for you as you give him your love and support.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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Prayers for you & George. I hate that you had to leave the hospital so terrified. Thank goodness George has good care.
I hope that improvement comes just as fast as the downturn came.

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You are in my thoughts and I wish you courage and peace during this difficult time. You do not know that George's condition will get worse, it could possibly get better and he could stabilize. This is what I will be hoping for you and for him. You know that we are not that far from one another here in Michigan. You may pm me if you would like to talk.



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Thoughts and prayers for you and George.

Take care,


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oh Tina so sorry to hear about this abrupt change in George's health....

thinking about both of you and sending love..


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I am sorry. I am praying for youand George!

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prayers for george, but also lots for you, 42 great years, now i guess just lots of tears.
its better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all.
i hope that gives you some comfort and that in what seems your darkest hour your dearest george will find peace soon.

god bless you both.


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and sending good thoughts your way. Great news that he's getting good care. Try to get some rest. Hope things stabilize for George soon.

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Tina, I am so sorry that George isn't doing well. I can only imagine how you are feeling. I will be thinking of you and George and hoping that things will turn around for the positive.

Take care and know that you are both in my prayers.


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Prayers were said for both of you during church service today.


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Just so sorry to hear this news. I am sending warm thoughts and many positive vibes your way for immediate improvement.



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Oh Tina, what to say...this whole journey has been so hard on you, I know. I wish I could give you hug right now, I can feel your fear, and my heart aches for you. I'm so sorry that George is back in the hospital, but thankful that he is getting excellent care. I will send you and George prayers for better days.

All my best,


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As I read your post, I felt your fears. Prayers for George. My husband and I will soon be married 40 years ....Hope he is doing better.

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We are sending our thoughts and Prayers to you and George.

Keep up the good fight and keep up you good attitude.

Best Always, mike

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Tina, you have been such a support and friend for so many on this board. It hurts to know George is in trouble- and will pray somehow he gets through it!

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Dear Tina, I am so sad for you. Please know that I will be praying that things get better. my love to you both.

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So sorry to hear about George. I hope he is feeling better tonight and you get some rest. I know working in a hospital as a nurse it is harder on the family than the patient most the time.
Sandy :)

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I was caught off guard with your latest news...

I am so sorry that you both are having to go through with all of this stuff...renal failure is very scary stuff...that chemo really does a number on them over time.

The situation sounds very dire from what you have described. The concerns I have now are what your concerns are right now. Things can turn so suddenly and when they do, it is so difficult, because even when we think we are prepared for something...it seems that we never really are.

You're a smart lady and are a wonderful caregiver...I'm comforted you are there for him and that his care is good...my thoughts are for him to get better...he has paid his pound of flesh...

True, life-long love is a wonderful thing to read about - and too also experience through another's eyes.

Our thoughts are with you both...


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I am so sorry to hear things have taken a turn for the worst with George.

Prayers for strength and healing in the coming days.

My heart aches for you

((HUGS)) Angela

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... so sorry what you both have to go trough :-(

Thinking of you and sending a silent Hug from Germany

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I am so very sorry to learn the George is going through such a horrible patch. I'll be sending prayers, thoughts and love for the both of you for the strength that you both need.


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So sorry that you and George are going through this. You both our in my prayers. George is so very lucky to have you by his side.
Big hugs,

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i am so sorry

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I love that you were able to have that lovely moment with George. That will be something to treasure in your heart forever.


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