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Things are moving fast

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I posted over a week ago, waiting to get in to my primary doc. Well, I saw her last Monday, she referred me to a Pulmonologist. I saw him on Wednesday (lucky to get such a quick appt). He referred me for a bronchoscopy where they will biopsy the mass in my right lung and also my mediastinal lymph nodes. I get the bronchoscopy on Tuesday. I will be under general anesthesia.

I'm glad things are moving fast but also so scared of what the results will be. There's nobody that I can tell how I feel because it will only worry them more (my mother, my sons, my boyfriend). I feel like I can share here because you've all been through it.

What should I expect after the bronchoscopy? sore throat? pain? anything?

Thank you all for being here.

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Hi Marlene, and sorry you had to find us.

Yeah, you definitely don't want to be waiting around at this stage. Regarding the bronchoscopy, I don't think you should expect to have much discomfort if any at all. I had mine done with more or less zero anesthesia, and it was really not a problem before or after.

I suspect that will vary based on how deep they have to go (pretty shallow in my case), but the docs explained to me that you don't really have a lot of nerve endings in these areas, and so far as I can tell, they weren't lying.

Not to worry.

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I very well may be facing my first bronchoscopy in the very near future. So, I'm very interested in your experience. Best wishes. Rick.

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Hi Rick,

I had my bronchoscopy on Tuesday. My throat is sore, but other than that I feel fine. I was under general anesthesia.

I don't have the results yet, still waiting.

Your experience will depend on whether you are under general anesthesia or a "twilight" sleep as my Mom refers to it.

Good luck.

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