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AutoLITT/NeuroBlate for GBM grade 4

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Hi everyone. I was doing some research for my brother who was diagnosed with GBM grade 4. He was given 3-6 months to live. He was told surgery was too dangerous and chemo/radiation would only prolong his life by a few months if successful. My brother has opted to have no treatment and enjoy what he has left. I am having a hard time just "letting this go" without a fight but I know he is married (he is 58)and I should really butt out but...Anyway, does anyone know anything about autoLITT/NeuroBlate (cooking tumors). I know Cleveland Clinic and a hospital in St. Louis offer this but are there any others? Anyone know the success rate of this procedure and if it works on GBM type 4? I am trying to talk him into contacting Cleveland Clinic just to see if there are any other options. He has faith in his neurologist and feels like if he said there is no hope then there is no hope. I know there are many well-meaning but ill-informed doctors out there and just want to be sure all areas have been explored. Since most of you are going through this should I just butt out?

By the way, I have read many of your stories and I really pray for all of you. You are a true inspiration.

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This is by far the best surgical treatment, if your brother can do this do not hesitate, if he gets GTR or near, look for vaccine trials, I think Duke is doing one, check out Ben Williams he is a 17 year survivor, Google him.

Barnes jewish also do autoLITT.

If your brother really sees no hope then let him enjoy his time, I'm so sorry.

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Thank you so much for your information. Apparently, it is too late for any treatment and it is progressing even faster than the 3 month survival time. However, I am going to keep your info because it may be helpful in the future. Thanks so much for taking the time to help.


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