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Oh, what a shinner!

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Biopsy, check. Nothing conclusive, need to wait until next Friday. Took the bandage off last night--I don't know why I didn't think about that. At least the headache has gone with all of the meds I am taking.

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D Lewis
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I woke up this morning wondering how you were doing! So, do you get results next Friday? Or, will they be trying another approach? So sorry about the headaches. Here's hoping for a fast solution.

It's a beautiful autumn day. Hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some of it.


Posts: 1104
Joined: Jan 2011

except I didn't think about a black eye! Yes, I have to wait until Friday for the results. I stayed at my sister's in Foster City, will be going home Sunday.

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but I'll bet you have one heck of a shiner!! Doesn't take much to black an eye, so I'll bet you look like somebody hit ya with a stick...glad you're feeling better...was the headache caused by the biopsy, too?


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I look at it as just another good story to tell, will be keeping you in pray on the results next Friday.

God Bless

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Just kidding. I'm glad the meds are giving you relief with the headaches. Been thinking good, positive results for you ! Keep us posted, and I'm praying for good results on everything ! Katie

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Well we always say we are fighting the beast. You just look the part of a true warrior. Here’s hoping things go your way.

Best always,


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Pam M
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Here's hoping they stay gone. I never thought of it either, but it makes perfect sense for you to have an award-winning black eye. Badge of honor. Hoping for good results.

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Hope everything is going well for you.


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