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Taxol Side Effects - Help

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My father had his second dose of Taxol on Monday and was doing okay. Yesterday started having some bone pain and last night developed liquid diarrhea. He took a vicodin and Imodium. Wondering how long these effects last. He did get the bone pain with the first infusion but had constipation then. If anyone else has experienced these effects how long do they last?

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My husband and I were both on Taxol March-June of this year. I had a little bone pain but Ibuprofen took care of it. My husband had some diarrhea. Our MO says to take 2 Immodium after first loose stool and that always took care of it. I had some constipation but Miralax took care of that. Hope your Dad's treatment goes well!

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also had side efforts as described above... First talk to Dad's Oncologist -- see
what he/she recommends -- also, have dad hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

He can add Lipton tea mixes to his water, cranberry juice, lemonade -- anything
to help him with hydrating.

Good luck .. and prayers for all.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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I had huge issues with stomach problems with chemo, never really resolved until, I was done. agree with the above as well as adding fiber. which is ok if you have diahrea or constipation. claritin is good for bone pain for fiber I used benefiber

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