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New short film on colon cancer

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I am from the colon cancer group but want to post this :

PSA on colon cancer ...

the next one will be on diet & alternative therapy during remission. If anyone has a story to share, please message me. I want to keep making these videos to raise awareness.

We, as filmmakers, have to take some creative liberty for the general population to understand the message. But overall, pls feel free to share so people can go get screened.

Thanks & happy weekend!

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thank you for sharing this. it is so sad that insurance companies ignore the facts. you're never too young for cancer. I hope you're doing well and I pray you stay healthy for many years.

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Thank you so much. I am going into surgery on monday and hope to continue telling stories of survivors after I come out...

I hope you are well and beating it ...

Sending prayers and hugs

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