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High creatinine and calcium levels

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Davids CT scan results back and no obstruction. What thy did find is very high calcium level 15.0 (normal 8-10) and very high creatinine levels. They seem very worried and are moving him to the Markey Cancer Center. The want to know why the levels are up and have to get them down. They seem a lot more concerned then when he had his surgery. Does anyone know why that might be?

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I'm wondering just the fact that his body is so out of whack isn't what has them concerned. That the high levels are symptoms of things they want/need to check. While we are in treatment, the blood is a tell all...this isn't something common in cancer treatment like low white cells, or hemoglobulin...so I'm sure their concern is why these two things are high.

You just hold tight, I'm sure someone...Longtermsurvivor especially...will know what this all means...


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They are on it...they will get this figured out. Thinking of you both.

Maybe post "high calcium level 15.0 (normal 8-10) and very high creatinine levels" as a new thread and someone may be able to help on that note.

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Don't know about the high calcium level but do know that "creatinine levels" have to do with the kidneys. My husband's creatinine level has been high every since he had Cisplatin in late 2010, but not high enough for them to be concerned. They just tell him to make sure he is getting plenty of water to drink. Even during the 7 carboplatin treatments his level was normal one week and high the next and today 4 months after the last chemo treatment, his "creatinine level" is still somewhat high.

Cisplatin and carboplatin can effect the kidneys, told this by the doctors.

It is a good thing they are checking all this out. It seems like the levels fluctuate all the time. I asked for and keep copies of all blood work that is done so I can compare them because at times I don't think the doctors really look at all the levels.

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Assuming the lab tests are all correct,
this might be caused by either primary hyperparathyroidism or secondary hyperparathyroidism due to kidney disease.
Secondary hyperparathyroidism will almost never occur in patients unless they have such severe kidney function that they are on dialysis, or at least had significant kidney problems for many years. Patients with high calcium, high PTH, and modest elevations in their creatinine and modest or even significant decreases in their GFR (glomerular filtration rate) have primary hyperparathyroidism and need an operation to remove their one parathyroid tumor adenoma to prevent further kidney destruction.

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this is a complex situation, not likely as you are describing. Kidney faiure can be caused by high calcium levels, and we dont have nearly enough information to speculate as to cause and effect. I would need a very detaled history, a complete run down of current and previous lab values, a current physical exam, and a few other tests to even approach this from a diagnostic standpoint. To the original poster, it is proper he is hospitalized with a calcium of 15. Whatever is causing this is likely not related to his cancer, and actually may not be related to the treatment either. The lst of possibilities is pretry long. but they should be able to sort this out quickly.


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Hello Vivian,
Darn girl, it's one thing after another. I am so sorry for David and yourself. But as Pat said above, let the medical proffessionals do their job. And ASK....ASK...ASK. But saying this believe that your doc's have it in hand. Do you have other family members jumping in here to help or friends ? If not ask for their help. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you both ! Katie

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They have been able to get Davids calcium level down to 11.5 now. Their goal is between 8-10. They are pumping a lot of fluids and giving him something that will cause his kidneys to start flushing the calcium. At this point the Dr. has said it is their opinion that this is a complication of his cancer. I'm trying not to be afraid, but according to the research that is a very bad thing. I want to believe he is going to be cured, but the other part of me realizes he had a swollen cancerous lymph node for over three years before he had it removed. I have heard cancer does not grow as fast as our minds think, but three years is a long time to let it work on your system.

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I'm glad the doctors aRe on this and his levels are coming down. Please don't make yourself crazy with the what ifs. We won't let cancer win and when we doubt the success of treatment we let cancer get ahead in the race. Think as positively as you can and know that there is a reason Dr's use such brutal treatment on us.....because it works. Try not to think of the size of the tumor or how long it's been there, instead focus on the fact that today's treatments for H&N cancers are far superior than they were even 5 years ago. And there are many 20 and 30 year survivors out there that didn't have our state of the art treatment and care. Rely on your friends and family right now, and us here of course. Find something to smile about everyday......happy thoughts girl!
Take good care,

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Pam M
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But I've heard and read that some cancerous tumors that "crop up" have taken up to forty years to develop to the point of discovery.

So, the doc thinks this is a complication of the cancer, and not from the treatment? Hmm. Still, glad his calcium numbers are moving in the right direction. Sorry you all have additional stressors and fears to deal with now - so much of our fight is bolstered by the ability to focus. Hoping you all have a chance to re-group, and dig in.

Kent Cass
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I'm over 3 1/2-years out, now, and my creatinine levels have been running high for some time- just a little over up limit, and has been noted by my Onco and regular Doc. Does lead to concern about the kidneys, but maybe only so as to keep very aware of how the kidney function is going. Seems that it is typical of chemo.


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