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Checking in!

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I havent been on here as much lately and wanted to reaquaint myself. I see so many new members and I want to update the sisters I know.
For the newbies let me share my story.
After 14 months of abdominal pain and severe constipation I was diagnosed just over 2 years ago with 3c Primary Peritoneal Cancer which came from an ovarian cell and is treated just like Ovarian cancer. I had 4 treatments of Carbo and then robotic surgery where the cancer seemed to be only on the bowel although the omentum was gone. The chemo had killed most of it. Then I had 6 more treatments of carbo/taxol. During my 9 month remission I took part in the CVAC vaccine trial but 7 injections out of 10 into it my cancer returned. I also had tested positive for BRCA 2 and had bilateral mastectomies.
I started on Doxil to keep the cancer at bay but 4-5 months into it the cancer seemed to be growing. We determined CT scans were not helpful in my diagnosis. They kept telling me it was an ileus. My Ca-125 was going slowly up though. And my symptoms of abdominal pain, severe constipation and weight loss were back. That was this summer (after vacation in Hawaii!)
I have now had 2 treatments of Carbo which I have to have in the hospital over 24 hours as I am allergic to it. My Ca-125 is back to 17!!!!!! Now the Dr says I only have to have 3 more carbo treatments. I am elated as he first eluded to "carbo for a very long time"!
I am finally starting to see that I can live my life in spite of the hiccups that come.
Good luck to all of you and feel free to ask me questions anytime.

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And a fighter gor sure. Glad you got to go on vacation. Carbo is a rough chemo but it will get you back to remission. I. Am on this too with Taxol every 28 days. Get well soon and enjoy Turkey Say..ummm,my favorite dinner...Val

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After all you've been through, you are such an inspiration to appreciate life to it's fullest! Keep that CA125 coming down, and keep in touch!


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Thank you for checking in with us. I'm so glad you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. May your CA 125 continue to come down.

Peace and blessings -


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about enjoying life in spite of the hiccups. The bumps are going to come so we may as well make the best of it.

I am glad to hear your numbers are low.


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