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Unknown Cancer-PASH-Infertility-Tumors Spreading

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My best friend was diagnosed with PASH, when they did a biopsy they ruptured the tumor and it has now spread all over her body. She is having tumors in her breast, her under arm, on her back and on her head. She has become infertile because of premature menopause, she is loosing weight quickly and is just becoming more and more fatigue. She has all the symptoms of Cancer but her blood work is not showing what type of cancer, or what is causing it...has anyone heard of anything like this? She is going to the Mayo clinic for 10 days to figure out what this ugly monster is. If anyone has ever heard of anything like this please reply.

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I had PASH in my non-cancerous breast. It showed up on my pre-surgical MRI. I didn't want to go through a biopsy, etc, so I decided to have a double instead of a single mastectomy.
PASH is NOT cancer. It is a benign tumor. My surgeon and research I did online says that the only treatment is surgery. I was told that PASH grows and grows. It could turn a breast into the size of a basketball.I don't think a whole lot is known about it.
I don't think bloodwork can tell you what type of cancer a person has (but I am not totally sure...I am guessing from what I have read because people get scans to see where the cancer is, if bloodwork could tell what type, scans would be unnecessary). I have seen people write about tumor markers that are indicative of active cancer. Pash and angiosarcoma can look alike until the pathologist can determine which it is.

I had no idea that PASH could spread throughout the body. I have been looking all over the internet and there is one site that says it can spread. Whether it is a reputable site or not, I don't know.

I am afraid it is a wait and see time that is very difficult to handle. The unknown is often very difficult for us to go through...Let us know how your friend does and finds out from Mayo.

I wish your friend the best.

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I've never heard of this, but, I will be praying for your friend.

Hugs, Diane

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