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Good morning ladies. I had a repeat ultrasound last Friday. The good news is the cyst has t gotten larger. The bad news is its still there. I was hoping it would be gone as my doc said that happens sometimes. Factoring in all the issues of wonky blood work, cyst after menopause I am scheduled Nov 8th for a total hysterectomy. My question is will the docs tell me right after surgery if it is cancer or do I have to wait a week or so?

Lisa 00
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First, I hope you have an uneventful surgery and recovery. My doc told me the day after the surgery that he could tell by how it looked to him in the O.R. that it was cancer. Generally, after a surgery like that, I tend to sleep the whole afternoon and the whole night rather than fight the anesthesia and stay awake.
Of course, I had to wait a couple of weeks before I went to see the gyn/onc who then had the benefit of the pathology report. It was then that I found out just what it was and how bad it was. Always remember to pick up your pathology report on the way out of the gyn/onc's office when you go to get your results!

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They did a frozen section while I was in the OR that showed a tumor on my ovary, that was actually appendiceal in origin. My gyn came into my room just as I was brought there, and I was told it was cancer. Mine was quite the shock, because I'd gone in for a "routine" hysterectomy; there was no real consideration of cancer in advance.

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I also had a frozen section and was told it was malignant as I was coming out of anesthesia. If my family wasn't also told I don't think I would have believed it was true! Still surprised Dr tells you this when you are so out of it.

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Acutally, I had the total hysterctomy, omentum removal, about 50 lymph nodes. They were just about to close me up when pathology came back with the dx of the ovarian cyst - stage 1C OVCA. It ruptured upon removal, thus the 'C'. However, that was in 2000. And although I had a recurrance in 2006, I was still NED as of January 2012. I am scheduled to do all follow-up tests and doctor visit soon, and pray I am still NED.

Prayers and (((HUGS))) for a successful surgery and good news to you!


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Glad to be done
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I knew after surgery that my ovaries were postive during surgery. I had told her I wanted a full section anyway so she continued with that and took out 27 lymph nodes my omentum, appendix, did a pelvic wash and did TONS of biopsies. She came out of surgery and told my husband that I dodged a bullet. Everything she removed was good. Then 11 days later at my surgry follow up I found out I was 3c.. They found cancer microscopicly on the 2 nodes my right ovary sat on

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Thank you all for your responses. I am a nervous wreck. I have had many abdominal surgeries in the past due to Crohn's disease and have had to 4-5 different bowel resections. There will be 2 surgeons there, a general surgeon to deal with the scar tissue and adhesions from prior surgeries and the onc/gyn surgeon. I worried about the results, I'm worried about the recovery, my family etc. ugh!!!! I've never been a person who has had much anxiety before but man am I getting a taste of what that's like now.

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I am three weeks out from my hysterectomy and I am still in some pain. The recovery was a little much for me. I hope you have people around you that can help you with the day to day stuff.

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When I had my hysterectomy on October 2nd I found out as soon as opened my eyes that it was cancer. I did not find out what stage I was for about a week.

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