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Stage Zero Cancer

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I got the bad news in 2009 that I had Stage Zero Cancer. After a right side mas and two lymph nodes taken, I only had to go through taking a pill a day for the next five years. Because of such great doctors who found this early, I'm so grateful and pray every day because of this.

Hope all survivors are as lucky and greatful. To be honest, thanks to the board postings, before I went into surgery I was going crazy. After reading stories, it was o.k.

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I am glad that you are still thriving and doing well.



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Wishing you a lifetime of good health!

Hugs, Kylez

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I too am happy about you feeling well and enjoying life, healthy.


Lynn Smith
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I am also Stage 0 dx in 2009. Taking tamoxfin.I have had a few scares since but tests come out fine.I have a benign tumor now but it is being watched.I was dx at 62.Tumor was 1/2 centimeter. I've had benign tumors since I was 20.

4 in our family have been dx with BC.Mom was a 60 year survivor, then my niece, me and recently my sister.

Wishing you the best for many many years.

Lynn Smith

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