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recon surgery, chemo angel

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I'm here just to say that I had the recon. surgery monday - got the expander process started! (mastec was Jan 2011) So here I am - bandages, gauzes, drains and all, what deja vu this is! But since it's to get a breast, not lose one, it makes all the pain more tolerable. :) I just didn't know this surgery would be as debilitating as it is, but it's only the fourth day, and here I am, typing at my computer! Sending best wishes to all my Pink Sisters! Oh and if anyone has had experience being a Chemo Angel I'm looking into it, if you have any tips to pass along!

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I didn't have chemo, so, I only know what little bit I've read on here about chemo angels. I am sure someone can post more information for you. Good luck to you!

Hugs, Diane

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I've been on both sides of the Chemo Angel organization and it is truly wonderful. When I was doing chemo and rads, I had 2 Chemo Angels who send me so many cards, letters, emails and small gifts. They brightened some very dark days. I still correspond with one, who unfortunately had been recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

Because of all the wonderful things I received, I decided to become a Chemo Angel. I "angeled" a wonderful girl for about 6 months. However, then I was re-diagnosed to Stage 4 when we discovered the cancer had metastasized to my bones. Unfortunately, I did not feel I could give her the attention she so deserved, so I had to resign.

When I was angeling, I sent numerous cards, letters and many, many gifts--you'll get a sheet telling you what your person likes, sizes, etc. Sometimes I'd send something simple like notepads, stationary, candles and other times I'd send cozy throws, herbal teas, CDs or DVDs. I really loved being able to give back and I intend to sign up again when things get a little more stable for me.

I know you'll really enjoy it and receive a wonderful feeling of "giving back."

Hugs, Renee

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