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Colonoscopy results

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After 2 days cleansing and numerous sleepness nights of worrying, the day was there.
Another colonoscopy, wondering about the pain in the lower right side.
lt went smoothly and the end result is, Queecky clean colon or what is left of it. Do not have to do this again then in 3 years time. So relieved.
The pain is probably from scartissue they are not sure, but I wil have it checked out.
my surgeon was complaining why he had not received his painting yet I promised him, so now I better get going and paint him one.

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We are happy for your great news! NED is a big relief for sure.

Best Always, mike

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This is such good news. Hope the source of your pain can be located and corrected.

What genre of paintings do you do? Would love to see samples in expressions if you care to show them.

Also, how is your daughter getting along? Just hope she has been able to get proper treatment.



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well done.....such good news....i too hope they can get at this pain

get your painting smock on there girl...


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great news on the scope...

scar tissue sounds about right...a couple of years ago, something happened...adhesions I figure and it was making my life miserable all day at work and night...I'd walk doubled over in pain...folks knew something was wrong.

It went away...adhesions and scar tissue are kind of like those big continental plates rubbing together:)

And when they 'stick', it does hurt. do hope that is all it is:)

sounds like you're on the hook for a canvas...happy brushstrokes.

Doe voorzichtig!


Lovekitties's picture
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Wonderful news on the results!

Not so good about "stiffing" the surgeon...lol...if you have any snapshots of your pics please post some here.

May good news always be the kind you get.


Marie who loves kitties

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That is wonderful news.


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and you don't have to have another for three years - sweet! Hope you resolve your pain issues soon.

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Great news!!! It is always welcome in this arena..LOL

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i am sooo happy for you!

Momof2plusteentwins's picture
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YAY more good news! So happy! Three years until you have to drink that prep is enough to celebrate!
Sandy :)

Cathleen Mary
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So happy for you. That is great news. Hope you can get an answer and relief for your pain. We sometimes forget the non-cancer things that can bother us.
Enjoy the weekend and NED.
Cathleen Mary

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Wonderful News, I am so happy for you.
Enjoy the respite.

thingy45's picture
Posts: 633
Joined: Apr 2011

Thank You all, for encouragement,I am still on cloud 9, did not expect that at all. I take it and enjoy it for now.

I like to paint portraits but have done pets ( dogs and cats)as well, mainly in watercolours.
I have no scanner wil wil see what I can do.
Love you all, Marjan

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So glad you got such good results!


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