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newly dXed.

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How can we reach the new cancer patients so we can soften their fears and give them a hint of the future for them?
I think our stories can help, encourage them, and perhaps allay some of their fears, but how do we get to them?

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Need to wait for them to come to us unless you go to a clinic that sees newly diagnosed people. At first they might not want to be sought out so you have to let them come to you. It took me several months after learning about my diagnosis before joining this board. Glad when they do find us though.


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I sense your compassion in this and other posts of yours Danker. I do agree with Kim. Wait for them to find us. That initial diagnosis is so mindblowing. I think it's better that they find us in their own comfort time.

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I agree that the newly diagnosed may not be ready for us at the start, but we are not too easy to find.

How about making up business card sized notices as to where to find us and what we can offer them? Then distribute them, or ask they be distributed, from the local hospital or other locations.

Then when they are ready, they have got our address.


Marie who loves kitties

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