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Have been thinking about you and your family.

Have the plans to come with hubby to the mainland for consults been solidified?

Please know that there are good vibes carrying lots of hope winging their way to you all.


Marie who loves kitties

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Marie....you are the best.....

Hi Kath.......love wherever you guys are


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Hugs to both!

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Kathleen - Good luck to you guys wherever your are. Can't wait to hear about Dick's new treatment plan.


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Continued strength for you both as you traverse this slippery slope...


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Hello my dear friends,

You warm my heart remembering that Dick and I are traveling for treatment options. We left Hawaii Thursday and our daughter picked us up at LAX. She is in college here in So Cal. We have loved spending time with her in our old stomping grounds. Dicks appointment with Dr Lenz at USC is on Monday. I am totally guessing but I think he is going to prescribe Erbitux. Again only a guess.

We are supposed to fly out to New York Tuesday morning and arrive Tuesday night. We had all sorts of NY plans in addition to the appointment. However, it looks like Hurricane Sandy may interrupt these plans and our trip in a big way. We will keep our eye on things. We would truly a private your prayers and positive thoughts as we make decisions. Of course I hate the uncertainty that cance brings. It shows us that we really have to let go of things we can't control.

You guys made my day by thinking of us.


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Posts: 3270
Joined: Jan 2010

It is so good to hear from you and know you are preparing for the appointments.

I kinda think that your NYC plans may have to change due to hurricane Sandy. Here in the East it appears that we will be having tropical force winds during that time period. In fact I have read that some airlines are asking passengers to re-book if they are heading out or into airports in VA, DC, MD, NJ, NYC and further "up east".

I hope that your plans can be shuffled or you can find an airport within driving distance that you all can fly into safely.

Prayers and all good things being wished for Dick, you and the girls.


Marie who loves kitties

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