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Update on my Mom

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My Mom is doing great and ready to leave the hospital following successful laposcopic surgery for stomach cancer. Pathology report came back clean. A couple of hurdles over the last two weeks but at age 87 that was to be expected. She will be going to a care center for rehab to continue rebuilding her strength before returning to her independent living condo. Heartfelt thanks to my cyber family for your thoughts and prayers and a special thanks for Tim's prayer list. For those of you unfamiliar, my Mom was told to go home and enjoy her large family as long as she could because surgery wasn't an option. Her children could not think of sitting by and seeing our Mom in pain so we persisted. We knew we had Siteman Cancer Center here locally and were willing to travel to Mayo in Rochester. Prayers were answered.....NEVER GIVE UP!

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D Lewis
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Glad news. Thanks for sharing! Good job being your Mom's advocate.


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Great to hear about your Mom. I hope she has a gentle and complete recovery.



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That is great news! So happy to hear you all did not give up!

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Tonsil Dad
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Thats what I like to see, the Winston Churchill attitude
" We will never Surrender "
I pray for blessings for your mother.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Wonderful news on your Mom's journey. Your family sounds wonderful, and I bet she's told you all this. Thanks for sharing this with us ! Katie

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I was so very happy to see that your Mom is recovering and you and your family will have more time together. I trust that God will continue to bless you and yours.

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So cool about your mom. After all, you only have one mom. Glad she is doing so well and has such a caring family. Wishing and praying for the best for her.


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for your Mom and the family.

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Wonderful, just wonderful.


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...makes ya wanna slap the first Dr., huh? My mom used to refer to herself as a "tough old bird"...me thinks your mom falls into that catagory, too. Hugs to you and her!!


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Pam M
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Wonderful of you all to not roll over. Job well done! Hope her recovery is speedy.

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Heartfelt thanks and good wishes to each of you. I am truly blessed with a large loving family and treasure each moment I have with my Mom.
Blessing to all.


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Wow, I have had times when I sit here a feel sorry for myself and your mom "goes for it" at her age.

Man, that is courage.

Did you end up going to Mayo or stay with Siteman?

Just curious as I am receiving my treatment at Siteman.



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We are also at Siteman and wouldn't be anywhere else for this type of cancer treatment. We are lucky to have it so close

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Dr Linehan did the surgery at Siteman. I believe he also does cancer of the pancreas which is a tough one. My ONC thinks very highly of him. She said sometimes a doctor that skilled will get a little full of themselves but not him. Mike, are you back at "big" Barnes or West County? I know Joan's husband is getting treated at West. They live in O'Fallon.

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