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Did you know you can get a free CD of your mammogram and other tests?

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I don't know if all of you can where you get your mammo's done, but at my center, they give you one free CD of your mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, bone scan and any test that is considered imaging or nuclear medicine. I've gotten written copies of all of the doctor reports, tests and anything that I've had done. I wanted to be sure that I have a complete record of everything. The written reports do cost, but, not much at all. I can get them free if I'd just go to the doctor's office and ask for them, but, I usually wait awhile and get several, so, I just choose to pay that one $5 fee for all of them.


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Yes I did and Yes I do! lol

Thanks Leeza!

Sue :)

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It is good to have copies of all your records. I only have CD's made if I am going out of state for a 2nd opinion. Otherwise the different hospitals are able to pull up my records with their computers. I believe it is very good to keep all the results of your tests, surgeon's notes from surgeries, and doctor's notes from appointment. Some places ask for $5.00 other places do it for free. After all the tests are yours and paid for by you and your insurance.

One of my doctors broke up with his practice and they would only give him the last two notes on each patient. Since I had asked for all the notes every time I saw him, all I had to do is make a copy of my records from him. I certainly was glad I had copies to give him.

If you want a 2nd opinion, it is easier if you have the paperwork without asking directly for them.



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I always get the free CD as I see different doctors and they have different systems. I don't get charge for report copies where I go. If you want one ask your doctor they should give you your results on paper for free.


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Alexis F
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I always get the CD also and copies of office visits.


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