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Question about metastasizing.

son of hal
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I was checking to see anyone's input on this. Not my concern at this time, just checking. Does Rectal cancer ever recur further up the colon? Or, visa versa, does colon cancer ever recur in the rectum or anus? Since rectal cancer is sometimes treated differently and has different mortality rates is it considered metastatic if it appears elsewhere in the colon? Has anyone on here ever had this happen? Also, has anyone on here had colorectal cancer recur in the same area multiple times but not in another organ?
Thanks, CJ

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Good question.

I suppose it's always possible for cancer to recur anywhere in the intestinal tract after it was surgically removed.

I've not heard of anyone that this has happened too yet...my onc told me that the odds of getting cancer back in your colon/rectum/anus...were slim to none...especially if you were getting regular colonoscopies.

Alot of us lose sight that it took the majority of us 35+ years to acquire cancer...so unless the surgeon misses something during the resection, it's not likely that cancer would return and build back up with regular check-ups.

At that point, the most they would be are polyps and more than likely removed during the scope. As long as we're doing scopes every 1-2-3 years, we're going to be in pretty good shape, unless something was missed.

Some folks now are getting 5-years out between scopes...good for them...I'm not as optimistic as they are and 5-years is a long time to wait...right now, I've set myself for 2-years tops...maybe one day will move to 3...

And no, I've never heard of multiple recurrences in the same area with no metastasis...our cancer, by it's very nature, spreads to other organs...colon - liver - lung - brain....with a few cases going to the bone.

It's an interesting question to ponder though...as far as I know, there are no known cases like that on this forum.

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If it is in the same system, ie: the colon *considered everything after the stomach to the rectum). Then it is Colon Cancer. Mine started in the Appendix, then the colon and then the small intestine.

It is considered to have moved if Lymph nodes, liver, etc... get involved.

Best Always, mike

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