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Hello to all of you Warriors, Caregivers, and SURVIVORS! I am from the Ovarian Cancer discussion board, but have a question for a friend of mine.

Her husband was just diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, mets to the liver. Much fluid around the lungs which they continue to drain. They just did a surgical procedure to minimize the fluid around the lungs. He has had one chemotherapy treatment, and will have another every three weeks for a total of four. Of course, they are not giving him much hope at this point. What's disturbing is that he was just given a clean bill of health barely 4 weeks prior to this diagnosis. The only reason it was discovered is that he developed 'bronchitis', had difficulty breathing, and went to the emergency room.

He is a non-smoker, and as I mentioned, was generally healthy. According to his physician, people at 61 are not typically this 'perfect'. Any insight you can offer will be helpful. Of course, my prayers continue for both of them, but if there's something else I can help them with, let me know. Though we are located about 220 miles apart, I want to be able to do something.

My prayers to all of you.


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Hi. I don't know if it will help with your friends situation but please read my post about my experience with stage 4 lung cancer with mets diagnosis

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Hi Monika, at the risk of sounding glib, but not intending to be, let me just say this--if you have lungs you are at risk for lung cancer. There is a young woman at the caringbridge.org site who is a three year survivor of lung cancer at the ripe old age of twelve. There are so many things that cause cancer that you can't point at any one thing and say there! that caused it. Tobacco use has declined significantly yet incidence of LC is on the rise, including never smokers.

Please check with your friend and see if they tested for mutations. Many nonsmokers test + for EGFR and can take Tarceva. Kind of like Tamoxifen for LC. It's no longer a death sentence either. Many stage four patients survive ten and twenty years. My best to him and I hope to meet him on the boards soon.

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I appreciate your responses. I have forwarded to my friend, to help her find encouragement and hope.

God blessings to you all!


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