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hi everyone

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hi everyone i am sorry i took so much time to get back to you, i didnt have much help,i came home late monday night and i really fanteel weak, and i am havving the worst time remembering things this times i had my transplant on sept.4th 2012 i dont remember any of it i had pnenmonia please bear with my spelliaveng. i also remeber waking up on the ventalater and rippen it out of my throat because i felt like i coulnt breath i have an acute stage of lvhd so i still need your prayers blessings denise

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Hi Denise,

Again, so great to hear from you!

Keeping you in my thoughts and hope they get
the gvhd (Graft vs Host Disease) under control.
Sending you positive and healing thoughts with
plenty of hugs, Denise.


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Sometimes things can not be helped and you are unable to post due to some of the circumstances. I was so worried about you. When we heard pneumonia it was really scary. I did not know where to go to check on you. All the info on this site is private and thats good for security reasons. I even tried to go thru Greta,the administrator but could not get anywhere. I was not the only one trying to find info. There were others on the site trying as well. I made a suggestion on one of the post to give our private info to one of the members on the site in case any of us would ever be in the same situation. Never got any responses. It's up to you to pick out someone on here you know you can trust with things like your last name and/or phone number. There are a few of us that have already done just that.It's just a suggestion and entirely up to you. John

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It is good to hear from you. You have been through a lot. Glad you are home and hope to feel better. My prayers to you.


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