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4th time asking for PINK Bus in 6 wks

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Can YOU all ride along tomorrow? Biopsy 8:15 AM...same side as BC 4 1/2 yrs ago...hoping scar tissue...

keep fingesr, eyes, toes & legs all crossed


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I will have to see if I can get off work, as I will be missing it (school) tomorrow. If not, my best wishes go with you. It's good that you have something positive to grasp onto, the thoughts that it might be scar tissue. (I think I read that at another discussion link you wrote on.)

I have suggested to the ladies riding the pink bus on Tuesday with me to bring along some blankets for our Southern and Western friends because it is supposed to be cold with snow showers in the air. I have also suggested that they leave the blankets there for use for your riders as well. I will leave mine, in case I can't get off work. It can be left for someone else to use at a later date during these colder months.

Posts: 6563
Joined: Oct 2010


blankets packed and ready...

Yes you did read it could be scar tissue...HOPING it is...

some i have told think I am crazy not have surgery when Biopsy was "OK" but iffy...

BUT I am the type of person-who can't wait ..it would drive me batty to wait 4-5 mths and do another ultra sound. Even if it is SCAR tissue (I"LL be doing the Happy Dance of course) but I will not kick my self for having surgey..it is what is BEST for me!


thanks for replies.. I call 5 today to get arrival time for tomorrow..


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