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Chenheart - Claudia is in a good spirit (update)

New Flower
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Hello my dear friends,
I had a little chat with Claudia today. She was feeling good enough to talk. Here your update:
Claudia's latest PET scan has indicated that tumors have been stable. Claudia and her oncologist who was hoping to see improvement have changed her medication to Gemzar. Claudia has had her first infusion of Gemzar today. She is feeling ok and wants to thank you everyone who is thinking and praying for her. After 12 months of undergoing Chemo ( Taxotere and Taxol) her neuropathy is really bad, typing is very difficult for her. Her family is looking at voice recognition software to help her to stay in touch and go on-line.
Please know that she keeps her CSN sisters and brothers close to her heart, however at this time she cannot answer to your e-mails, cards and messages.
Thank you very much for your love and support

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Thank You New Flower for the update. She is so dear and has been such an inspiration to so many, I at pleased that the drugs have at least held her cancer in check, let us hope this next one obliterates it!

Hugs to all,


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Bella Luna
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It's good to hear the 50ft Woman Warrior's tumors are stable and that she will keep in touch with all her Pinks via voice recognition software. She is such an inspiration and a pillar of strength.

Thank you letting us know how ChenHeart is doing, New Flower.

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Christmas Girl
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... for posting here. Our dear Chenheart is held close within my most hopeful thoughts & prayers, always.

Kind regards, Susan

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Keeping Claudia in my thoughts. Glad she is stable.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Thanks for updating us...stable is good. But I'm hoping and praying the Gemzar does better than stable. I'm also hoping this will be an easy treatment for our dear Chenheart.



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Thank you for updating the progress of Chen. I am happy that she met the stable boy and happier that her oncologist think he can do better with a new chemo. I am hoping she has regression next time there is a scan.

So sorry for all the neuropathy she has had and wish it would disappear soon.

There is hope.

Femara gave me so much pain in my knees that I thought that a wheelchair was not far off. I saw two orthopedic oncologist, had cortisone shots with no results. I used Voltaren gel 5 times a day on them. I had the pain patches, took Gabapentin. Even the airline people changed my seat so I would have leg room and allowed me to use 1st class bathrooms so I wouldn't need to walk to far. I observe even the tough students look at me with pity when I moved. Femara was dropped 6 months ago, so I never blamed it. Then one day, I went to put on my lunch time Voltaren gel on my knees and realized the awful pain was gone. We think Femara finally leached out of my body. I can walk and move without that awful pain. What joy it is!

I hope this happen with Claudia's hands. Those drugs can cause such awful, awful pain, almost as much as the original problem.

Wishing Claudia all the best and you to New Flower,


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She has been a great inspiration for me from the start of my cancer. She was so caring to me and was the first contact I had on this site. All my prayers are with her.

Prayers, Diana

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Thank you for the update. Claudia, I am so sorry that you are struggling with the neuropathy. Praying your scans will be improved next time. I know if anyone can do it, it is you! You are one of the strongest women I know! Sending healing thoughts through cyberspace.

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I always hope to see some news from her when I'm here. I keep her in my prayers daily. Her inspiration to all of us is a blessing - thanks for sharing.
much love to dear Chen and her family

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