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I passed the weight test....

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Joined: Mar 2012

I'll be getting my PEG tube yanked here probably next week....YEAH!!! I had to cheat, tho...hubby bought me a pair of Danner work boots a couple years ago...I wore those...LOL...I mean what's a couple of pounds, huh? I haven't used my tube since Sept. 14th for gawds sakes, so what is the point of having to have one??


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Pam M
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Wonderful news! Getting rid of that bad boy gave me such a boost. For next week's weigh-in, chug water and eat oranges shortly before hitting the scale.

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I guess it is all right to cheat if everything comes out all right. Rick.

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Hi Phrannie,

I was told a story about a guy who carried weights in his pockets at the weekly radiation weigh in. The H&N forum had me scared if I lost weight they’d have to refit me for that blasted mask.

I am delighted that you are at a fit and PEG popping Danner work boot weight. Heck September 14th is long past; they really make you prove yourself in Montana.

Next is getting real food to taste right again. I had pizza tonight and it was ok good. 2 months ago I could not gag a piece of pizza down.

Keep healing; I think that pocket stuff really works.



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Get ready to instantly feel human again. At least in my case that's how it was.I was so tired of that darn thing and I hadn't been using mine all that much either. I got mine out way before the dr wanted me to, I still had all of my weight to gain but my body was rejecting it so out it came.
Congrats on this next phase, hooray for heavy boots!!!

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Joined: May 2012

Hey Phrannie,
You cheated...and you're eating. You go girl, living life and moving forward. Eat, eat, eat...hopefully you will get those few lbs. on regardless. Katie

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Joined: Sep 2012

I am so happy for you that you will be tube free. Glad you are enjoying food again and that you are enjoying life. You deserve it..anyone does after enduring treatment for this kind of cancer. YOU are an inspiration on this website and offer advice and words of encouragement that is so much appreciated.


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So awesome to read this. It's hard to believe that a few months ago we were all smack dab in the middle of treatment. I'm so glad everything is going well for you Phrannie!

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Joined: Apr 2012

Congratulations! It's amazing how much that 5 minute doctor's visit can feel like a major step in healing. :-)

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Glad you're eating and were able to give that PEG up!

VivianLee5689's picture
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Joined: Aug 2012

So happy for you. Another stepping stone to getting your life back achieved.

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Joined: Jun 2012

Way to go P! Oh to be free at last, free at last! It's a great feeling :-)

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Not being a bully, just happy for you.


Tonsil Dad's picture
Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

Hope all goes well for you Phrannie

God bless
Tonsil dad,


Posts: 660
Joined: Mar 2012

You have been a trooper from day one in this fight and to now remove the final physical piece of this road well traveled is deserved. So enjoy your 2nd belly button, and enjoy foods as they were intended, by mouth...........

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Joined: Jan 2010

Looking foward to going to the Asian buffet with you...

phrannie51's picture
Posts: 4673
Joined: Mar 2012

Asian Buffet a few minutes ago...what a great experience it was then, maybe now even a bigger, better experience, huh? I'm working midnights, but I have next Monday and Tuesday off...what do ya think...wanna meet after work??

We can always wait till I have a weekend off, too...that won't happen till next month, tho...but it's easier on you than having to drive from C.Falls in the 5:00 traffic.


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D Lewis
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Joined: Jan 2010

I never miss a party! Celebrate!


phrannie51's picture
Posts: 4673
Joined: Mar 2012

you'd fit right in. Stacey is very funny, too....and we all love a good laugh!!


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Joined: Nov 2011

Very happy for you and your combat boots (jk) ....

Always love your attitude Phrannie....eat, drink and be merry..er, well, just EAT!!!


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