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My brave husband

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Tonite after shower while my husband was at church I felt the last stitch in my jp drain come out, only thing holding it in place was a strip of tape, nothing like a jiggly splinter in you chest!! sat real still till hubby came home and explained he was gonna have to take the drain out, Lordy, his face was priceless. He put on his big boy pants and did just what i told him and he did a fine job, really proud of him, this has been hard for him to accept but he said "in for a penny and in for a pound", I had to laugh, he was exhausted afterward, now this is a man who hunts and cleans deer but pulling a little jp drain nearly did him in!!! Was going to surgeon in morning anyway, so let hope he doesn't feel the need to reinsert the thing, I've had it since surgery. I am feeling some better and tolerating the Al fairly well. Wish me luck in the morning.

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What a very brave and sweet husband! Big hugs to him and to you! Good luck tomorrow. Post an update.


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I can imagine! My husband was so good about putting the creams on my scars and drains and every once in a while when he would move a drain tube it would pull slightly and I would wince and he would jump a mile! I can only imagine what would happen if he had to actually pull a drain! But I know in my heart, like your hubby he would do what ever he had to do. We are blessed to have such caring men. Good luck to you!! {{{Hugs}}}

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Things like what your husband did are hard for men. They may be strong and brave, but, that stuff brings them to their knees. I applaud your husband for doing this for you. Good luck today and sending a hug to you both!

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and never let him go!

Such a wonderful and caring being he is.

God Bless you both <3

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