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Cat Scan Results Back

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I have been member for a few months just reading and getting advice. My husband was diagnosed in March with stage 4b adenocarcinoma. He was given 3-5 months without treatment. He had 10 sessions of radiation and 3 rounds of chemo (ECX) then another scan, his oncologist was amazed how well he responded. We went on a road trip then came back and had another 3 rounds of chemo(ECX)just got the results of the Cat Scan all lymph nodes clear and all but one lession on the liver are clear. Having another 3 rounds of (ECX) hoping for more good resuts. Between February and June he could not eat anyhting other than soup and Boost but by mid June (after the radiation and the first chemo) he was eating totally normaly and has done ever since. He had some issues with stomach acid but this had been sorted with medication.

I hope that this gives hope to people reading and please, do not take what the Oncologist says at your first meeting as "guarenteed" to happen. Until you've been through the first cycle of chemo NOBODY knows how you are going to respond. He has had very few side effects and has started back at work (part time) even though he is still on treatment.

The most important thing is to Stay Positive and Laugh a Lot !!

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We need a like button, here. That is such a positive experiance, thank you for sharing.

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That is a wonderful story to share. Thank you so much for bringing a story of hope and good news to the board.

I pray for continued blessings for you and your husband, EnglishLady.

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lost EC battle, June 19, 2012

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Thank you for your kind words.

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Dear Englishlady your post has inspired me. my husband was diagnosed in August with Stage 4b adenocarcinoma with mets on liver. just starting cycle 3 of chemo this week has had 10 sessions of radiation. I pray and hope for the same outcome asf your husband once my husband has rescan in a few weeks. I agree with your comment about what side affects could happen - my husband has not experienced many of the awful side affects that he was told would happen, the main side affect has been extremem fatigue. He has still been able to eat which has been so encouraging and i am hoping that this continues. we will stay positive also and hope we get to where your husband is. Best of luck for the remainder of your husband's treatment.

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Wishing you and your husband good results at his next scan.

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