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I am trying!

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So, I joined a support group, seeing a social worker, financial person dealing with insurance issues etc and today I drove for the first time after my surgery. Then I sat on the porch and read some of my book. I am trying really really hard to act normal and think of things other than this cancer!! I just found out the stage this past Thursday. I found out I am Stage IIIc. Now I find out there is a grade you get too and I did not get that. I do know it is the Serious type. That is all I know. I do know there are more aggressive ovarian cancers like Clear Cell, but I do not know anything about this Serous. Does it react to chemo well or not. Does anyone know abuot this type? I do know it is a type of Epithelial.

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You aren't there yet, but you will find a new kind of normal. Life does go on, even with cancer. Stay off Dr google. There is so much information out there and you can drive yourself nuts. It is good to do normal things whenever possible and not to let cancer become your whole world.

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..being in a support group really helps. Getting back to normal takes a while for sure. I also have Srage 3C, primary seous carcinoma and I am on Carboplatin / Taxol every 28 days and it has worked the best for me. Wishing you well when you do start tx keep us posted...Val

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Poopergirl14052 I will be doing Carboplatin and Taxol. I will be doing Taxol every week for 18 weeks and Carboplatin every three weeks.

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It just takes time. One day at a time. Sometimes on hour at a time. As someone else suggested, stay off google. That research on there was a huge mistake for me. I had myself dead. I'm stage 3c clear cell. I had a 9 month remission last year, back in chemo. I had my surgery May 2011. Just try to stay busy. I enjoy reading. I play games on Face Book, etc. A support group will help you no doubt.

Virtual hugs.


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I agree with others. You need to do whatever helps you and stay off of Google. I was obsessed with finding information and taking it to my DR. We would discuss anything with merit. He believes in Westerm meds as first line of defense against the fight but said there was a place for Eastern meds as well. I asked my DR for survival rate and he gave me the true statistics. He said he would fight for me to be one of the long term survivors and would get me through my treatments. I decided right then to trust him and let him figure out my course of treatment. I ask him about interactions before taken holistic drugs. I take Immpower AHCC and I was doing regular massages. Our CC offers free massages which helped me to relax. I had to ask people to not tell me about their family and friends cancer experience as we are all different. Then I had to make up my mind if I wanted to spend the rest of my life, however long, living or preparing to die. I chose living. So I have tried to keep my life as normal as I can for myself, my family and my friends. It doesn't mean I don't need support, have down days etc because I do. I just try to get back on track when I am down and let go of the little things. It it a long bumpy road and there are a lot of people that truly want to help you through this and will be there for you. It takes time and your "trying" is a great first step. Sending you light and love to help you through the long days ahead! Michele

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Glad to be done
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PT... I was also stage 3C serous type and after 6 rounds of cisplatian/taxol I am now NED.... Focus on that. You need to get into fight mode. Once you do that things will be easier for you because you will be determined to beat this and when a woman wants something bad and is very determined she gets what she wants. It is time to put on those fighting gloves..

I ditto what everyone else said....STAY OFF THE INTERNET.

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I know how hard it is to get back to a normal life. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and now I am on my third regimen of chemo with one 9 month remission. But I feel good except for chemo days and it is just now that I have decided I can partly let it go and enjoy my life. I used to think with every setback that it was the end. I now just assume I will get thru this episode as well and I am really trying to think of myself as a survivor and a fairly healthy one at that.

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