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Saying Helloooooo

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Just saying HI to everyone. I hope all are well or at least on their way to it!

Everything is moving right along for me. Went to speech pathologist to learn the exercises to strengthen my swallow. Sounds kinda funny that I even need help being that I ate a 14 oz ribeye the night before last. My swallowing varied from day to day though and eating makes me really tired. I'm positive it will improve rapidly though.

My mouth only gets super dry when i talk. I ate my whole steak dinner with only 4 sips of water so that was pretty good i think. Other than those two things, I dont think I have any lingering effects of treatment. Or they havent decided to show up yet anyway :o)

I posted a new pic in my expressions. Went out dancing with my best guy friend. Oh how I missed going dancing! What a fun night. :o)

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Hi Cindy,

It is nice to hear you are doing so well, eating while sipping, you are to be admired. By the way I think you have a piece of steak stuck in your teeth. It is good to hear of your recovery, so keep it up.



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Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

It wouldn't surprise me Matt. EVERYTHING gets stuck in my teeth! I tried to eat a Craisin the other day and I looked like I had chewing tobacco stuck between all my teeth lol.

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On feeling good and doing well...


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So glad you checked in...it sounds like you're doing very well. It'll be a long time before I can eat a ribeye (or anything but hamburger)...but with only 4 sips of water?? WOW!!

You're getting your old self back again.....GOOOOOOD!!


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Pam M
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A steak dinner with four sips of water? Magnificent! Good to hear you got to go out dancing, too.

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