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MMMT Stage 1c

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My mother who is 82 had a hysterectomy yesterday - we thought she had upsc going into the surgery but we now know that it is malignant mixed mullerian tumor stage 1c according to surgeon yesterday but I have heard that the staging may change after pathology comes back. There was no evidence of cancer outside the utereus and did not appear to have grown through the serosa. We are very grateful for that but from what I have briefly researched this cancer is very aggressive and very rare. She will begin chemo and radiation in about 4-5 weeks. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of cancer? Thank you for any information that you may have!!

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Sorry to read about your mom...wow 82 yrs and fighting cancer...darn!

I was diagnosed with MMMT stage 3C (in 1 lymph node only) in 2009. I've been NED since, but can only assume the aggressive treatments I had -- 6 rounds chemo and 33 sessions sandwiched in between of external pelvic radiation, were key. One can only assume!

As well, had a total hysterectomy and docs were hopeful they got it all, but found the cancer in the lymph node and staged me as 3C. The statistics out there aren't updated, so don't go there or you'll make yourself ill. I will tell you what my doc told me, this MMMT is as aggressive as UPSC, so we were told to hit it hard. If you search our site for MMMT, you'll see loads of topics and many people who've endured and living quality lives.

Be sure her doc is OB oncologist, not medical oncologist. Is your mom basically healthy outside of this cancer diagnosis? If you feel the doc has given you bad advice, etc, don't hesitate to get a second opinion...most insurance co's will cover.

Your mom is very lucky to have you next to her....she'll need all the support you can provide.

Come back and keep us abreast on her progress....best to you!

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Like Jan, I too was diagnosed with Stage IB MMMT two years ago. Had six rounds of chemo (taxol/carboplatin) and 25 external pelvic radiation treatments.

Because I also saw an integrative doctor during treatment (which I highly recommend you do), I was able to avoid any side effects other than lost hair. (I had no nausea, no loss of appetite, not even much fatigue until the last round of chemo, when my hemoglobin had fallen quite low, as it often does.)

If you'd like to minimize side effects for her, please scroll back through any messages about MMMT and look for comments by "RoseyR." I twice explain the supplements prescribed for me that prevented serious side effects (such as two to three tsps of high quality fish oil, one tsp of glutamine in a glass of water three times a day starting the day before each round of chemo and continuing for just the first two days OF chemo).

Two years after treatment, I am feeling great and working full-time. This doesn't mean I'm not still at risk of recurrence, but I am feeling great.

Even your mom's diet can help her a great deal: cut out all sugar, drink LOTS of green tea (3-4 large mugs per day, steeping it at least three minutes), eat berries and oatmeal for breakfast, drink whey protein powder shakes, preferably whey from Dr. Mercola's web site. BLend with coconut or almond milk or water and add some berries and walnuts, all good anti-cancer foods. Avoid all dairy products from COWS unless organic; choose goat's cheese or sheep's cheese instead. ALL vegetables are her best friend; use organic brown rice to prevent constipation with black beans and veggies stir fried in olive oil or coconut oil.
Do your own online research as well on anti-cancer diets. Read the book Anti-Cancer by a doctor who himself outlived a serious brain tumor by more than a decade by following a good diet.


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I was diagnosed with MMMT stage II high grade back in July of 2011. Had chemo and both internal and external radiation and have been NED since March. It is an aggressive cancer so doesn't surprise me that they are recommending that she get both chemo and radiation even with a State I diagnosis. Other than hair loss which is pretty much a given, I had no notable side effects and worked full time during my entire treatment. Biggest advice I can give to your mother is to drink alot of water...I was drinking at least a gallon a day (okay that might have been excessive ;o)), eat a high protein diet and stay ahead of any constipation that chemo is likely to cause.

Remember that the literature your mom receives in conjunction with her treatment lists ALL possible side effects, but that doesn't mean she will get them all and she does not have to put her life on hold while she is in treatment. This is very doable for her and I wish her the best.

Take Care

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Boy, you guys are great! I am going to make notes on all of the things that you recommend and follow up on them! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! My mother does NO research on this stuff but I am just the opposite. My mom is feeling great - actually coming home tomorrow - just 48 hours after the surgery. She will be 83 in Feb. and still works full time - she is amazing. We will see the gyn/onc in about 2 weeks and I will let you know what she recommends on the drugs. She did mention that she would look for possible clinical trial. We will see. My son is a physician - ER doctor - so he has knowledge but is not a cancer expert. Mostly sees the bad side effects of chemo when they show up in the ER. We are in Kansas City and he is in Oklahoma City so he's not close by but he is still very involved obviously. Thank you so much for responding!!!!!
God Bless you all,

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