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Fell off my chair...self pity over

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I coundnt believe it today but I got treatment today after feeling so bad for the last two weeks. I thought for sure I would get an extra week off before next treatnent. But my oncologist made sense when he said "I want to get ahead of this". And I just had to think back a mere two weeks earlier that my tumors were growing and expanding and there weren't other chemos out there except this new super avastian chemo zaltrap which has really knocked the crap out of me. Going to the onc this morning was a wake up call to buckle down because this could be the last hope for modern medicine for me. So out the window to my self pity!! I only pray for all of us to fight our best battle as only we individually can. Jeff.

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Hope this Zaltrap kicks cancers butt for you...hope you feel better with this treatment.

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I'm sorry to hear the treatment is so hard but I hope this Zaltrap is also knocking the crap out of the tumors. Best wishes to you on this leg of the journey. I don't think you have ever sounded "self pity-ing!" Hang in there, Jeff. Hopefully it will get better.


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Hope the zaltrap helps you.

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Jeff, I hope they figure out how you can tolerate this better. Then, I pray you can stay on this a long time. It does get scary when the options run thin.
A man that I know of started this drug when you did. He said he was very fatigued for several days, didn't mention feeling really sick.
I will try to find out what pre-meds they gave him.

I'm glad your doctor was able to start you on this. Sloan-Kettering in NY will not even be using this drug.

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courage my friend. I pray it works for you.


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Hang in there Jeff, you can do it, you have shown that in the paste, Forward is all we can do. Sorry to hear it is so hard, wish you feeling better soon.
Hugs, Marjan

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Go kick some Cancer Hiney!

Mental health is equally important to the Chemo treatments. Chemo is a difficult journey, and one needs good spirits to combat the pains.

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

Best Always, mike

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Hang there ,it will work!.

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Sorry you are feeling so bad, but I'm remembering back and when "not" wanting an extra week off is what happened. It's good to keep it moving if you can. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a better week ahead.


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Jeff, I wish you the best with this new treatment and hope that it kicks cancer's butt !!!

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You are a warrior. Remember, you just came off 8 weeks straight with the pump and went right into the Zaltrap. Super human if you ask me. Praying for you, Ron

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Can't say that I ever heard you playing "Poor,Poor Pitiful me", Jeff. But I'm sure glad that your perking up and getting all bushy tailed. We're all entitled to feel down about our situation, Lord knows that we've all earned it. Patients and caregivers alike! But, your posts have always seemed to be pretty upbeat, so if you were feeling down then you're truly a heroic warrior in this fight because of the positive outlook that you've shown us all.

God Bless!


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i hope the tx works for you. praying it does. it is so hard to do the tx but we know we need to so that we stay upright!!! good luck!

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