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Does anyone take glucosamine and chondroitin for pain?

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I have had some back pain lately and a friend swears by glucosamine with chondroitin. Have any of you ever used it or tried it? Did it help? I haven't mentioned this to my doctor yet, as, I just wanted to see if anyone here has used it and what your results were. She said I could just buy it over the counter at the drug store.

I googled it and it seems many use it for pain. It mainly said that you have to take it for awhile for it to work. It said there weren't really any side effects unless you were allergic to shellfish, which I am not.

Thanks, Leeza

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I have taken it for years and swear by it. It isn't really a pain medication, but helps joints work smoothly. I started taking it when my knees would occasionally act up on stairs, and I never have that problem when I take it regularly. My MO even said it was one thing I could continue with even on chemo.

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My Sister has a friend that has arthritis and a lot of back pain and he swears by it. But, you might want to let your doctor know that you're starting it, if you do.

Good luck,


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Kristin N
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I have seen some of the pink sisters on here talk about it, but, I don't remember who it was Leeza. Hopefully they will post for you. I think it helps for joint pain from what I remember them writing.

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I take the glucosamine(500mg twice a day) without the chondrotin. For some reason the chondrotin bothers me. I think it does help but my back is sooooo messed up that I am going to a neurologist for it now. It was recommended by my chemo nurse for back pain and I have taken it since early 2010.


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Thanks! I think I might get some and try it. Donna, what happened with the chondrotin? Did it upset your stomach or something?


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Cannot remember exactly because I had tried the combo years ago for back pain. I think it may have been the upset tummy because a lot of meds do that to me.

Marcia is right, it is a big pill. I take Lovaza and they are about the same size. For those who need to know Lovaza is a perscription Omega 3. Works like a statin but does not affect your liver.

I Hope it works for you. I buy mine at WalMart.


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I took it when I had terrible hip pain. I could hardly get out of a chair and climbing the stairs was difficult. I took it for awhile (I don't remember how long) and after awhile I got tired of taking the huge pills. So I stopped. It 'cured' me.

Someone said if your pain is in your joints it will help but if it is in your muscle it won't help. I hope I didn't get that mixed up. It's been a long time. Maybe check with your doc.

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I think I might try this myself. Thanks for the post!

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Megan M
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I actually started taking this for some back pain and it has helped me.  But, you do have to take it every day.  The pills are huge, which I hate, but, they help, so I struggle getting them down.


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that I get from Costco. You have to take it every day for it to work. I never think it works until I miss a couple of days and then my pain is worse. It is for joint pain. My MO strongly recommends it for the joint pain from Arimidex/Femara.


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I always take ibuprofen for any back pain I get. I might try this too.


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it myself but my husband does. He has been taking it for years and it does work for him. He knows when he misses taking it for a couple of days so he tries to not miss.
When he first started he was taking those large pills but I found something that is much easier. It is like a taffy candy so you can chew it up or let it melt in your mouth. It has an orange flavor to it. It is made by Spring Valley and I buy it at WalMart.


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Alexis F
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Interesting!  I might look into this also! 

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I did take it awhile back and I think, who knows, that it helped me.  I stopped only because like someone else wrote, I got tired of the big pills.  It comes in a liquid?

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I just started taking in 2 days ago-for my arthritis  in my hands. A NURSE and many others suggested it to me.



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Glucosamine and chondroitin

Used to treat/repair cartilage in OA patients. 
SE: nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, heartburn
CI: diabetics, nursing mothers, blood thinners, aspirin therapy, allergy to shellfish, children
Controversy: still not proven for pain, mixed studies
Alternative health professionals have long recommended a similar TX. KNOX gelatin. It is suppose to help treat joint pain and arthritis, by repairing the cartilage in the joints.  Studies are mixed, but it does no harm. Can not overdose on gelatin.  And it is cheaper.
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Alexis F
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Thanks SK for this information on Knox gelatin! 

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