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Looks like Taxotere may be a bust...

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I am taking my husband to the doctor in the morning ... he is having severe diareaha, stomach cramps that cause him to double over and call out in pain, he is having cramps in his neck, hands, legs, and back, everything tastes horrible so he hasn't really eaten or drank much since last wednesday so he's lost nine - ten pounds and he has broken out in a rash all over his back. He says he feels like death... this is not quality of life.

I suspect he is dehydrated so they will want to give him an IV and most likely will give him one of the other two or three options he has left. I know this concerns him to be using another of the few options he has but I also know he doesn't want to continue this suffering.

More tomorrow... Take care all. My prayers are with you all.

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Sounds like your husband may need some hospitalization to get stabalized.get the pain/nausea,dehydration under control.The doctors may be able to tell you where this is going.I wish for you both strength and peace in your decisions.

Ill keep you both in my prayers....Kado

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He was admitted for three days. While there they put in his port, gave him antibiotics, and antifungals - no word on what is causing the issues. Dr disagrees that it's side effects from the Taxotere as he uses it often and has never seen someone get dirreaha this bad. Dr seems to think it may be Cdiff... which from what I read says it's caused due to excessive antibiotic use and very few of the symptoms match what my husband has been having and he really hasn't had a ton of antibiotics. I guess we'll find out when he has his next taxotere on November 7th.

Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts sometimes when you are in the midst of all this you just can't find them.

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