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Continue or discontinue chemotherapy

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I was diagnosed with Stage III uterine cancer and had a complete hysterectomy with only one lymph node affected. I had three chemotherapy treatments, each three weeks apart with a neulasta shot the day after each. Have now had 5 weeks/5 times/week of radiation and three bachytherapy radiation treatments and did well with that. Just restarted one of three more chemotherapies and the pain in my bones from the neulasta seems worse than the first time, also I'm constipated and causing bleeding. I also have neuropathy which got worse this time too so am considering not taking the last two chemotherapies. I am due to have an aortic valve replaced and would like to know what test(s) I could have to say that I am cancer free so that I can have heart surgery. Thank you for your input. I have had a lot of prayer support and appreciate that but with this last treatment I am feeling discouraged.

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I had the reverse...aortic valve replacement before hysterectomy, chemo, internal radiation, ect. If you don't meet up to their operation standards(I had to wait 4 1/2 months for cancer surgery)for whatever reason, they simply won't do surgery. Just my opinion, you've come this far, I'd go a head and finish the chemo. Having the heart surgery will knock you'r ammune system some, so if those pesky cells are out there you need the complete chemo to give you the best options. Best, Debrajo

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I've gone thru 6 rounds of chemo, and sandwiched in between 33 sessions external pelvic radiation as cancer in 1 lymph node. Definitely treatments kick us down for the count, but know it's working. Side affects are huge, but as we get further away from treatments we can gain strength and build up our immune systems...and doesn't happen over nite.

As per Debrajo, I didn't have any aortic value replacement surgery so can't relate, but tell you...with a stage 3 cancer, I'd finish the entire treatment protocol outlined via your doc. Then...take some time and build up your immune system to fight a surgery. Why stop in mid stream? Do understand the side affects aren't fun, but we have all endured.

Many cancer cells are still floating, unseen by some tests and the human eye, as to why we do treatments. Trust me I tried so hard to convince my doc, to not do treatments. His response, you're foolish as treatments get cells they can't see. So...off I went to treatments and I've been NED for over 3 years.

Cure? Hum....I would love to say I'm cured, but tend to not believe it. Basically, enjoying each and every moment of each and every day.

Best to you and BE STRONG....

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