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First Folfox Infusion Today-Vision Went Black???

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I had my first Folfox infursion today..went home with 5fu in pump..been about 3 hours. Stood up and vision went black but only about half way down my eyes. Top of vision black..bottom could see..super weird. Lasted to about the count of 10. Really freaked me out..anyone else had this happen? is that normal?

Thanks so much,
Freaked Out Carrie

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yes, several different times under the influence of chemo, one time on the highway due to vertigo, no chemo that time.

With chemo and me it was a couple of different things, but mostly when I got the half eyed black curtain, it was a sign I had gone from a laying to sitting or standing posiiton to fast. Basically a half way faint. So go slower next time, just wait a bit as you do it for your blood in your head to get caught up to the movement and then you won't have the feeling. The other thing I noticed is to stay hydrated, like drink a glass of something, then slowly get up.

I think changes or not feeling quite right, like this feeling, are very common while on chemo. You never really get used to them, but I think most of us begin to understand oh, "no biggie, it's the chemo" kind of feeling.

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