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Shingles Vaccination

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With a few of our members getting bad cases of shingles, I wondered if anyone saw that there was a shingles vaccination out there. I can't remember where I saw it. I think maybe it was on a Walgreen's Digital sign.

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Some drug stores do offer it and ofcourse, any doctor can. Are you getting one?

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Yes, Walgreens as well as most other pharmacies offer it. It is fairly expensive. My insurance won't pay for it until I am 60 (I checked). My physician wrote the prescription for me and it is sitting at Walgreens cuz, in 5 months, I'll be 60. So I am electing to wait.

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I got my shingles vaccine 2 + years ago - not too long after healed from the rad burns. As I understand it there are some age restriction on it so ask your Dr.

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I'm not interested in it for myself, I was just thinking of others who might need it.

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I am not getting the shingles shot, but, will be getting the flu shot if my doctor says it is ok.


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I was wondering the same thing. I guess I have about 7 months to go.

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I am now over 60 and I've heard how awful shingles is, so I plan on getting the vaccine. I am waiting until after the holidays since you are not to be around infants after getting it and I don't want to cause any problems for my young grandchildren. I think it's because it's a live chickenpox virus and little ones haven't gotten their vaccinations for Chickenpox yet. Cypress Cynthia - is that correct?

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I think you can get it if you are over 50, but, some wait until 60 so that the insurance will pay for it. I haven't got the shot yet.

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My mom had shingles many years ago..it was terrible (at least her case) I have seen all the local drug stores advertising it. Kinda of thought about it but didn't put much effort into it. I'll have to investigate a bit..


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I have had shingles probably 15 times in the last 20 years, 6 cases in just the last year. I have a weakened immune system from recurring Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I was advised to NOT get the vaccine. It is a live vaccine and my compromised system can't handle it. I believe this is the recommendation for lymphoma patients. I also had BC. Please check with your doctors to see if you are a candidate before getting it.
I do get the flu vaccine yearly as that is "dead".

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Please check with your oncologist before you get the shingles vaccination. I was also advised to not get the vaccine yet, as, my onco felt my immune system was still too weak and couldn't handle it.

Here's a link about it from Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic Info On The Shingles Vaccination

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The last time I got the flu shot, which I've only gotten twice, I got sicker than a dog and I know it was because of the shot. So, I am not even getting the flu shot this year. My oncologist doesn't recommend the shingles shot for me. I hope someday he will say it is ok to get it.

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I got the okay from ins co even tho I won't be 60 til next December & dr ordered -but I went and had a flu shot, now I have to wait a month to get the shingles shot. A pain in the neck since I'm over an hour away from my doctor, and have very little time off left.


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I am currently going through chemo. My oncologist said definately no shingles vaccine for at least 2 years post treatment, told me it could cause my whole body to break out. Flu shot was okay.

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