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Post-lumpectomy pain - is this normal?

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It's been a week since two large hunks of tissue were removed from my breast, and I'm now starting to feel horrible pain within my breast. I saw the path report, and know that the pieces that were removed were both large (about 2+in. x 1.5 in. x.75 in. each) and separated by quite a distance (one at the chest wall, the other more towards the front of my breast.)

Today's pain is new - burning, stabbing pain within my breast. Is this common? Am I back to my dr again tomorrow? Looking for advice.

Many thanks,


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I don't think the burning is normal. I did have terrible terrible pain after my lumpectomy. I remember the doctor saying that I could shower the next day. I hopped in, screamed when the water hit my breast and I was right back out.It was horrible. It even caused immense pain when I would bend over or get out of bed and gravity would pull. It was about a month before I felt better.

Have you tried wearing a sports bra that keeps it tight?

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I also wear a binder that I had for abdominal surgery (but fits around my breasts) for extra support. I've had lots of general aches and pains. Today, this pain within my breast started, and it is not gravity-dependent (as is the other pain I've had from this.)

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I couldn't shower the next day and I was upset, as, I had to see my surgeon to get my results from my path report, and, I shower every day. My hubby washed my hair at least in the kitchen sink, so, I had clean hair. I didn't have a lot of pain from my lumpectomy, but, I had a very small tumor also. I might have taken one pain pill for a few days. They pretty much knocked me out, so, one is all I needed. I mean it hurt, but, not excruciating pain. I didn't wear a sports bra, but, a very soft cotton bra that was tight on me for a few days. It felt better to keep my breast from moving around.

Hoping your pain ceases soon,


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Alice--and it lasted a very long while. I developed a large seroma which also contributed to the pain. Some women breeze through a lumpectomy with little to no pain--not me. Also, my tumor area was right up against the chest wall, so I think that had a lot to do with it. I wore sports bras for months--the zip up the front kind.

I don't think this is typical, but it is not abnormal.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Hugs, Renee

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One of the two questionable areas they removed was right against the chest wall; the other was more towards the front of the breast. I feel like the areas where tissue was removed is now shifting and healing, and therefore in major pain.

My breasts are quite large to begin with (42DDD), and therefore gravity is not my friend. I find I'm "carrying myself around" a lot. (It also makes it difficult to find a good sports bra.)

I think "Not Typical" is my middle name. It seems to be typical for me. (My poor colorectal surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering agreed that I was a prime example of Murphy's law. He heard about this whole breast ordeal and replied "Not again, Alice!")

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You went through a lot Alice with your lumpectomy, so, I have a feeling that the pain you are in is normal, especially since the one area was against your chest wall. Did you call your surgeon and ask him if you should still be in this much pain?

Wishing you a pain free day soon,


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It is very common, but that doesn't mean it's okay. Check with your surgeon to be sure.


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Are you still in pain or is it better now? I hope you're better.

Hugs, Diane

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