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My mom is having a liver biopsy

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Well after getting my mom's PET Scan results back last week and seeing that the mass that was in her neck was gone, they saw a small spot on her liver(about 2 cm). She is scheduled to have a liver biopsy on Monday. I am numb. I thought this part was over and I'm sure she did too. I thought we were just gonna continue to healing process (she has lyphedema and a lot of mucus from the radiaton). I'm really hoping the spot in nothing serious and we can rest easy again and continue getting her better.

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there is one saying on this site it aint cancer tell they say it is, we will pray for your mom.. I had a clean CT for my thoart cancer, but will have a PET scan in December so I understand the anxiety of finding anything. Keep us informed.

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Thanks. I will.

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Hi EricaA,

I am with you in hoping it is nothing serious. The PET scans can detect good and bad with out differentiation.

Best always,


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