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Clean report, 21 months post treatment

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Great report. Go back for just a DRE in January and then a PET in 6 months. Thyroid is still low, causing much of my fatigue, which is an easy fix. Relieved!

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I know how relieved you are to hear the good news. I always get nervous before doctors appointments now. Before anal cancer I was never nervous when I had a doctor's appointment. May you continuue to have good news.

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Hi Angela--I'm so glad to hear from you and know that everything is fine. I know you are very relieved and I hope you'll take a little time to do something special to celebrate. May the thyroid issues be resolved ASAP so you can get back to feeling like the energizer bunny! Hugs!

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this is incredible
for someone that has just learned of this MONSTER in my body
and awaiting word on what treatment I will be given,
I am doing backflips for you
XO Linda

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Congrats on your great report! May you continue to have great news!


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Awesome news, Angela_H!. Hope you can get the Thyroid issue solved quickly :)

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Angela ... I'm so happy for you and hope the same for me TODAY! Having scope and scans and tests a bit later in November. Thank goodness and I will take your good news in my heart as I go to the doctor today!!

xoxoxo ... Hope your fatigue gets better!

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May all go well for you today! Please know that I am thinking of you.

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Great news! I wish you continued great news. Lori

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Isn't it wonderful to get a diagnosis that isn't cancer???? I am really happy for you.

I am having a bunch of people over for Thanksgiving. I want to really show my gratitude to God by inviting every stray* I know to come. (Those without places to go that day).*

I want this New Years Eve to be a healthy happy, celebratory one. It's funny. A week ago I couldn't even imagine this I was so sick with, apparently, pneumonia. I had been coughing almost uncontrollably sometimes - even gasping - since August! Losing my voice, which still has not completely recovered was the final blow. But even that was good in its own way. I have served music for a very long time. It may be time to explore other talents. I am quite taken with knitting now, for example which came in handy in some long doctor office waits, I made a lot of progress on Christmas projects for example.

Anyway, I am so glad we have each other. You have been an amazing friend to me during the last one-plus year. I can't tell you how relieved I am you are getting back to yourself soon.


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You go girl!

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Great news! My heart is happy for you! Celebrate!

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