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Change in PSA insignificant?

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In March I had my PSA checked in MI. It was something like .01 or .001. I need to get a copy of that.

I just had it checked last week here in AZ. Its now 0.1. So some movement.

So i am wondering IF......

this is the first time it has moved since surgery and radiation.

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It matter's where they do the blood test. My doctor used different test location. :-) So I would have different test result. One would be at 0.2 and the other at 0.4 psa.

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Different labs may have different assay kits each with different LLD (low level of detection) and different accuracy, and labs may use different fixed thresholds (<0.1 = 0.1), and as well, different day of drawing blood (body biorhythm), etc., etc.; it all may influence and become a reason for different results.

Get the results on paper first. In any case, a singular result has no significance. You will need three readings for a conclusion.


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Not sure if anyone needs to clarify tjis, but you should have your PSA test done by only one site. Getting hem done by dofferent sites os scary.trust your original tester.


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