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Going to see my "Hero"

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At 1:30 today, I have a check-up and scope with my Dr Carrau. I'm confident things are still okay, tho after, almost a year (November2,2011 )I'm still having some issues with the feeling of mucus in my throat...it's annoying.
Tomorrow, I go for a CT scan, to check a spot on my lung, the Dr has been watching this since my surgery, no changes.
Wish me luck!
Have a great day everyone!

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and a ton of positive thoughts to go with it...

Oh...and you have a great day, too :)...


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Always like hearing good news. Rick.

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Wow, it seems time flies by soooo fast. I'm almost a yr. out too come Dec. 23rd. Praying that tests all come back clear ! Safe trip and keep us posted ! Katie

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if nothing has changed since 11/2011 that's a pretty optimistic sign!

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Oh, LOL....

I thought you were coming to see me...LOL.

Good luck on your scan, and don't forget to say EEEEEEEE, for the ENT.


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of you on here are my Heros. Everything went great today, except the nurse forgot to numb my nose and the Dr did a scope...I tolerated it, not knowing He didnt know..at the end I said " Damn, that hurt " Dr was a little flustered :) My vocal cords, thay were bowed terribly during surgery are straight, and my voice is loud and clear..the hard neck, from lymph nodes misssing, is something I must deal with until my body figures out how to expel the yuck!Awesome visit and NED.
Tomorrow the ct scan to check spot on lung...I'm confident

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Really she just forgot to numb the nose, ummm Im sure she is a great nurse and we all make mistakes but you are braver than I. I think the minute the Doc reached to put the tube in my nose I would have had to say woooow there. Then I would hope we all got on the same page. So again glad you tolerated it, but lets not do this again LOL. Good luck on the CT tommorrow. In our prayers.

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My four lung spots have remained unchanged now going on three years, Yours will surely behave likewise.

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