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It was Monday; must mean time for a new case of pneumonia

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Had/having a rough time with this bout. Sunday night I could not pile on enough blankets, temp was 102 and my blood pressure was a staggering 58/44. Needless to say I felt like crap. Went to the doctor yesterday and they said my oxygen level was 53% so they put me on O2 and Clyndomicin and one of those inhaler thing-a-majigs. They are making an appointment with a pulmonary specialists so I hope that will help but I'm not making any bets.

Worst part of all this is the pressure it puts on my wife.


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Pressure,I guess. You meet the criteria for hospitalization. why in the world r they treating you outpatient?


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They wanted me to go to the hospital however this is my "ump-teenth" time this has happened because of aspiration and fraknly I sick and tired of hospitals - no pun intended. I know from the past that the antobiotics will kick in fast (at least thus far)and if I start to feel rotten again I will go to the hospital. I'm tired now but temp is around 99.

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PM for you.

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that you weren't admitted. Is your pneumonia being caused by asperating food or liquids? I had it twice before they figured out how I should swallow, no problems since...your oxygen level is scary!

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I am with a pulmonologist...and when my o2 is below 90 they freak out. I use the inhalers, and a nebulizer machine (ventolin) at home. I don't understand their reasoning for no hosp. visit ? I'm a stubborn cuss and hate hospitals....so when I end up there I'm in pretty rough shape. Don't follow my example please. Hope you feel better real soon, and please stay upbeat ! Katie

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Something doesn't sound right. Years ago, we were in Vegas and my husband's oxygen was in the 50's when I got him to hospital. They immediately took him to the trauma area and came within an inch of putting him on life support. He spent 8 days in ICU there. When your oxygen level is in the 50's you have something serious going on. How could they possibly send you on your way?

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Pam M
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Sorry you're having to go through this again. You must have been feeling amazingly crappy - oxygen at 53 and bp that low?!? Here's hoping the pulmonary doc can make a positive contribution.

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One bout after another...Sending positive thoughts that they can figure out why you're getting pueunomia over and over.


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When you have regained your health and equilibrium, I would like to ask some questions about your experience(s) with aspiration pneumonia. Not now, later.

Did you just aspirate liquid? Liquid and solid food? Stomach contents? Don't answer now, answer later when you've recovered.

I have intermittent aspiration thru my voice prosthesis. Liquid only and no stomach contents. Just looking for information.

Love those antibiotics and the constipation associated with them. I think we've both had our share in recent days.

Take care of yourself, then take care of your caregiver. Rick.

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My Husband had his Scan C/T a week agp Friday and they are sending him for pulmonary testing but it said his Oxegon level is 96 he asirates all the time has never been able to eat or drink w/o choking and having bad chouging fit's...he has had a spot on his Lung since the 1st Scan and they said Mississippi Spore now i am thinking it's related to aspirating into his Lung's for so long 3 years...they also found out his Thyroid is non functional also 3 years later why didn;t they do something sooner...when I called the Dr's Nurse he is seeing she read the notes and said they don't want him to fall thru the cracks...he will having PFT testing on the 29th and results on halloween....he does not always tell me everything and bit's and pieces come out day's later so I called...he said oh they think I may have had pheumonia or a Lung Infection at some point...I bet it has to do with the Choking and food going down the wrong pipe...it's so hard to see him so still not able to eat or drink so far out...even water still makes him choke...he did have a swallow study done and was told to use thick it and he didn't but he has always been pretty darn positive about everything and never tell's the dr's everything, thus he does not like me to come with as I tell em what is truly going on....may you get better that Oxegon level sounds way LOW and quite scarry take care and REST.

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