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CT scan

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Tomorrow JR will have another CT scan.

He has been having more swelling than usual in his legs and abdomen.

He has been on Lasix but it doesn't seem to be working like it was.

He has had blood transfusions but not working so he has had two treatments of iron infusions.

His blood will be checked tomorrow as well to see how that is.

He is very concerned about the swelling, he is not sleeping much at all.

I talked with him yesterday and he sounds tired, and down about the latest changes.

I will post the results of the CT scan as soon as I hear.

Prayers are so needed.

Praying for all of you here, so sorry you have to be at a place like this, going through all of this.

We never know what this life will bring us.

I looked to the heavens and what did I see

A sky full of shimmering stars looking down at me.

I thought to myself, ‘how Great is our God who can make such a sight.’

I knew right then and there that I was not alone in this
monstrous fight.

No matter how tough it gets and the setbacks that I face
I will some how make it through by His never ending Grace.


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Praying for JR, you and your family.

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