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Sometimes reading is dangerous

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Hi Guys, Long time no see I know, I am just back from a trip with a group of kids i teach .. we have been in the usa, LA and Tacoma/Seattle... It was amazing
Since being back i have been panicking about my mum,

She is due for a scan in about 4 or 5 weeks and i know it is too early to start worrying its not healthy i know but i cant help it... her scan is going to show if her second chemo regieme is worknig.. she is on the folfiri i think and the 2 day pump .. she has a small spot on her lung and some small spots in abdomen.

Some days i find fantastic readings on here and feel really good.. otherdays i stumble across things i automatically apply to mum, fear the worst and get even more upset, depressed and feel awful...I really need to stop and practice the positive thoughts....


By getting this all out Im clearning my head, thinking positive thoughts and trying to take one day at a time rembering that everyone is differently, responds differently to different treatments and there are many options these days that prolong life and keep this "chronic illness" under control..

Please join me in reminding ourselves this when thinking about loved ones, like i do or even thinking about yourselvse for those survivors out there.

Life is tough but we can do it!!

Prayers and positive thoughts go out to everyone, Please send them my way too:)
Love to all

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Hi Carla...ive had the same problem since my husband was diagnosed in August. I drive myself crazy reading and come to the same conclusions you do...doesn't matter how much we read - everyone is different.

I will pray for you and your mother. Take care.

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