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How good is the University of Michigan to cure brain cancer?

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I know somebody who has brain cancer and had surgery done at the University of Michigan. He'll be having kimo therapy (or something like that.. I don't know how to spell it. it's something where you have chemicals that fight of fast growing cells) and I want to know how much it can help him and if he will be okay...

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Unfortunately there is no cure currently. However I do believe there will be one in the future as long as we can continue doing stem cell research, immunological therapy trials.

There are many different kind of brain tumor/cancer. Each carry their own prognosis.

I am deeply sorry about your friend.


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I do not know U of Michigan; my recomendation is to seek out a treatment plan that matches his goals -- I opted for a clinical trial and have proven that protocol works. I went to Duke U. and feel that they saved my life. I had a GBM 20 months ago and am back to work and normal again....still getting treatments, but I have turned the tables on it and am winning with ecery expectation I am in remission.

Note, docs are funny, they will never call me "cured", only in "remission". I say I "won!"

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Hi! I was operated on Oct. 17, 2012. I went to the emergency room because I was experiencing headaches. Luckily surgery was an option for me. My surgeon said he removed 95% of my tumor (he told me on average patients only are able to have 78.1% of their tumor removed). The day after my surgery I was talking and remembering things I hadn't remembered for months!

I am starting my chemo and radiation this coming week. I pray every day that the 5% left of my tumor will be killed.

Can I ask you a question? Do you know what percentage of your tumor was removed? Did you also have to take chemo and radiation?

I am finally being weaned off of Keppra - which causes me to be dizzy, depressed and have a rapid heartbeat when I go to sleep. I have about 4 mores days to wean off of it. I think that will be good since I will be starting the other treatment at the end of next week.

I was taken off of the steroid also....that is one nasty medication. It made me barely able to sleep...I think I slept about 1 - 2 hours a day and ate like a horse.

Of course the doctors tell you that there is no cure and my radiologist gives me all the worst news possible.

My surgeon though did tell me that my age (I'm 54 years old) and my health is excellent. I am an avid runner, do not smoke, drink or take illegal drugs. He said my performance score that he had to give me before surgery was excellent.

So once I get off of Keppra, I think my thoughts will be more positive. I am trying now to get stronger with each passing day so that when I start my chemo and radiation, my body will be strong to begin with.

Thanks for just listening to me....this is all new and frightening for me.

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