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clot formed in picc line

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Hi all, has anyone else had a clot form in the picc line and what do they do about it. Just had an ultrasound and waiting on Oncologist to let us know what happens next. Cheers dinkydi8

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You should be seeing an "Interventional radiologist", not an oncologist
for PICC line problems!

Clots are common, and manageable, so there shouldn't be a world
of fear surrounding it. Usually each last use of the PICC is ended
with a 3 mil syringe full of Heperin injected into the PICC. That
clears any clotting that may occur when the line sits idle.

I use my PICC every blasted day, so the Heperin isn't needed,
but due to dehydration, I am prone to blood clots. I used
Traditional Chinese Medicine's herbs to take care of my body's
clotting problem, and consequently no longer have that problem.

Western medicine people would have to take Heperin, or a
stronger chemical (Coumadin) in an attempt to do the same.
Both/all have severe side effects, so read up and be careful!

A "port" isn't much different than a PICC, since both use a
thin plastic line that travels through the vein and lands close to
your heart. The port would be better for Chemo, since it stores
the fluid, rather than directly dumps it into your system. But there's
nothing wrong with a PICC. Both have the common "blood clot"
problem that's inherent to putting what doesn't naturally belong
in the body, into the body.

That's why sex is good, and chemo isn't.

(Ok, I made that up; sue me)

Be well, and healthy!


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I had a picc in my right upper arm, got a clot formed in right shoulder. Arm was red painful, and swollen. Went to radiologist and they measured and was a little bit bigger than when put in. He said it was just red and painful because it was new. I was getting 5FU infused 24/7 for 5 weeks. I went to oncologist and was told you have a blood clot, to go straight to hospital. They started me on Lovenox shots twice a day. I have now been doing Lovenox (blood thinner) for 6 months. I got an ultrasound after 4 months and clot was almost gone, but oncologist wanted me to finish the full 6 months of blood thinner just to be sure.
Sandy :)

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I had form around my PICC in my arm. They put me on blood thinners. Took the picc line out and gave me a port which also resulted in a clot.

Cathleen Mary
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Even with heparin, I had a clot in my picc line. Switched to port...no trouble. My onc did call interventional radiologist to evaluate. Seems cancer care is never event free.
Best wishes.
Cathleen Mary

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