You Just Never Know... :(

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Well everyone is in shock at work - our healthy, fit coworker (52 years old - my age) passed away in his sleep last night. No one could get much work done today after we were told the news. He was healthy, was at work on Friday. Went out of state this weekend due to his sister dying of ovarian cancer. Hospice was called in for her - she died Saturday, and then he passed away last night. Cannot believe this! He was so concerned and worried not only about his sister, but also his m-i-l and sister-in-law also dealing with cancer each. Just goes to show that death can happen anytime to anyone.

He was just clowning around at work on Friday. Played the Detroit Tigers fight song over the PA and got called to the executive directors office :). Didn't really get in trouble but it sure was funny - and then to get this news....

Sorry to be a downer, just can't believe it. Ironic how everyone worries about cancer and then something like this happens! I feel so bad for his family and his mother (lost 2 of her 3 kids within 24 hours).... Please pray for them.


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    How horrible! His poor mother and family. No, you just never know. This is just unbelievably sad. I am so sorry.

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    That is horrible. my grandma
    That is horrible. my grandma and her brother died within 2 days of each other and it made for a horrible week of wakes and funerals...but they were much older. Their poor really is not fair sometimes :(