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I need that pink bus tomorrow please!

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I'm having a PET scan tomorrow at 1 p.m. PDT. Developed bone mets in Jan. of this year, went on Faslodex injections/Zometa infusions. Also had 15 rads to T-12/L-1. PET in June showed NED!!!! Now I'm scheduled for a recheck PET tomorrow. I'm nervous because I've been having a little more back pain than usual. I'm hoping it's from overdoing--especially since I've just started watching my 3-month old grandson 2 days a week.

So, girls/guys, bring it on. Sue--I know you're always good for halfmoons and tomato pie from upstate NY, Eileen, the beignets from New Orleans sound pretty darn good, Traci--some of those chocolate truffle/pumpkin brownies sure sound good too. Jean--how about some Maryland crabcakes. I know somebody's always ready with a pitcher of Margaritas. And, of course, I expect you all to be rowdy as heck (with some prayers and positive energy thrown in for good measure!)

Thanks everyone--I know I can count on you.

Hugs, Renee

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The back pain most certainly can be from the new grandson, and we can just stay positive and hopeful with you.

You have made me so stinkin' hungry now. I've been trying to take off about 5 lbs and each time I go on the bus I gain more!

Peace, sweet peace,

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Dear Renee, We'll be there for you and hoping the scan will be good news. Lugging those babies around are so special so we may have a backache once in awhile. I'm also on a diet but I'll give it up for this bus trip. Keep us posted and you're in our prayers.

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You can count on me to be on the bus!
Let us know how everything goes!

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me too me too...

I"ll be there..


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I'll be by the bus stop so don't for get me.hugs to you~~MollyZ~~

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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What would you like from CA? Napa valley wine? Ghiradelli chocolate? A little bay Area clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowel? You name it, I'll bring it...I wouldn't miss this bis ride!!! Flavors from coast to coast...and more important we get to help you through the nerves of your scan.

Big hugs, and big hope,


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Someone has to bring them and it is after 12 noon! Hoping for clean scans Miss Renee, so I am coming with lots of positive energy!

See you tomorrow!

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Jean 0609
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I am in and have some good old Maryland crabcakes all ready to go with us. I put lots of Old Bay seasoning in, hope that's okay.

Keep us posted.


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I'm on it! Halfmoons, tomato pie and Turkey joints. Maybe some nice NYS wine - red or white, dry or sweet? I'll definately be there with you.

Great big cyber hugs,


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I'm on board for tomorrow and wishing for good results. I'll bring the drinks and cups. I love good sing a longs too. Maybe "Piano Man", or anything you would like to hear. I'll be wearing my pink tutu.


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I am on the bus already . . . . sending prayers and support your way! -- Sue D.

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Since I have retired I love riding the pink bus. Keeping you in my thoughts for good results.


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And toast to clean results in advance! Should I wear my flapper costume? After a glass of wine, if there's good music, I may do a dance up and down the aisles (since there won't be a table top).

Wishing you the best, Renee.


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I'll be there for sure and bringing Coca Cola chocolate cake. Just made it this weekend from Pinterest and it is awesome!

Praying for a perfect PET


New Flower
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I am boarding. and wishing the procedure will be easy for you.
Of course praying for NED results

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Did you feel us thinking of you and all around you in spirit? I'm hoping with you for good results....fingers crossed as we stand by, waiting.

When will you know the results?

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Post when you can.



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AGAIN....But know that I am with you always. I pray your scan gave you good results.


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So sorry I missed this bus Renee, but please know you're in my prayers. Let us know how you turned out. Praying for good results.

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thoughts are with you, always, Miss Renee.

Hoping all went well --- Please post when you can. We are worried about
you, dear Sister.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Dang, did I miss the bus? I am here now with beignets, holding your hand and waiting with you. Love your spirit and I am praying hard that the pain is either residual or treatment related. Big, big, big (((hugs)))!!!!

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