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Still trying to kick last treatment

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I got my first Zaltrap treatment on Oct 10th and that stuff just won't let loose. I threw up and had diar again today. I'm scheduled for another treatment tomorrow...I'm thinking like usual my platelets will be too low and won't get it. Zaltrap is new and I'm the first one in this area to get it. I'm praying it's knocking the hell out of all the bad cells because I know it's doing a number on the good ones. Here's to wishful thinking. Jeff

Farm Girl
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Seems like everyone starting on this is having these side effects. I agree with u hopefully it will knock the heck out of this cancer. Thinking of all of u who r starting this new treatment

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Sorry you are having such a hard time with this. Let your doctor know though (I'm sure you already have), hopefully next treatment won't be so bad.


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I was just thinking about. I am praying for your continued strong willpower but more imortant is that the zaltrap is working.

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