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2nd opinion questions ?

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I'm sending MD Anderson and John Hopkins requests for 2nd opinions on my husbands Large Diffuse BCell which seems reluctatant to go away or be under control after 3 R-ICE treatments.

My mind is fried lately so other than asking if there are any additional chemotherapies or radiation options (he did not get radiation) are there any other questions I should ask?

I appreciate your response.


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Hi Katie,

I'm sorry your husband is not responding to chemo.
I can't think of much more you should ask other than
what options are available and if there are any clinical
trials worth considering, etc. Stem Cell Transplant might
be a consideration. There might be options with "alternative"
or eastern medicine but I have very little knowledge of those.

I don't recall where your husband's primary cancer is.
I read from your profile that it was CLL that transformed into

I'm sorry I couldn't be of much more help. I hope you find
options and things turn around for you guys. You're in my thoughts.

Big hugs,


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Joined: Jul 2012

My hubby was one day away from a stem cell transplant when his PET scan results came back not good. His primary cancer was the CLL but that changed to the lymphoma which is the problem right now. Sloan Kettering will review his records informally for me and get back to me this week so that is good.

I have MD Anderson and Johns Hopkins ready to go. Just waiting for his Doc's signature and his Doc is out of the office. Hmph.

I inquired about alternative chemo's, radiation, clinical trials. I have to believe someone has another idea!

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Hi Kat,
Really sorry that this is happening to your hubby and you.
I will be keeping both of you in my prayers that you'll find a treatment that will help him. Take care


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We appreciate them.

I feel like I'm making some progress as Sloan Kettering will do an informal review of my husband's file and get back to me this week.

We will not give up! Someone has to have another idea.

Hugs to you all - Katie

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Hi Katie,
It sounds like you have things under control with a good game plan started. Those are all "GREAT" cancer hospitals, so I'm sure someone is going to get your hubby on the road to remission. You are such a good caring loving wife! Hang in there Katie...all of this takes so much time which makes us feel so overwhelmed at times. You are doing everything right as far I can see, and your determined attitude will certainly help things along. We are always here for you. Best wishes and my prayers for you and your hubby. Much love...Sue

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