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Am I a Survivor?

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My name is Chelle. I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc triple negative IDC breast cancer last november (2011). I went through 4 months of chemo then a double masectomy this past may. I really appreciate everything my doctors did for me. I was to have 37 treatments of tomotherapy but unfortunately, I could not afford the copayments or any follow ups to the doctors. I was very lucky to have the insurance to get the treatment I did. Anyway, my story starts many years ago but I won't go back that far. The day I came home from my family doctor this past november, I let my husband and daughter know he found 2 large lumps in my breasts and I was to go get a mamogram and a biopsy. My daughter grabbed me and hugged me and said we will get through this. My husband asked me what I was going to do. He totally checked out. My "Angel" - aka my daughter - has been my total support. coming with me to EVERY appointment, staying up with me at night through chemo then staying with me 24hours a day during my masectomy. She is golden to me. Although I cannot even afford to go to any follow ups, her first words in the morning are "you are beautiful mom, how are you feeling today?" Knowing we may or may not have enough to get by, she makes me smile. The reason I ask if I am a survivor is, isn't surviving having faith? Isn't surviving having the will and way to move on? I feel like a lost soul. I want so bad to be able to care for my child but I don't know how. Thank you for letting me vent

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Yes my dear you are a survivior. Don't give up. Your family will help you and we are here to help you with whatever you need. You did not lose your sole. It's there. You have been through so much and somethimes its hard talking to family about how we feel. We just don't want to burden them with any more than they already have. Stay positive, keep moving forward, let your family help you. Post here when you need, we are always here.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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As long as you are here, you are a survivor!! And we will be with you to help you survive...and even thrive and enjoy life. We will also be here to listen when you need another ear. This is a great place to vent and reduce the burden, it's also a great place to celebrate and share the joy.

It sounds like your daughter brings you much joy, continue to bask in that for that is a beautiful thing. As for your husband, many men are "fixers"...and this is something he can't fix. So backing off may be the only way he knows how to cope.

As for your financial situation...is there a social worker at your cancer center you can talk with? They shouldn't charge for a phone call, and the social worker may have some resources that will help you. I would also check with Komen, Avon, the American Cancer Society and see if they have resources. Others here may also have some ideas of how to get some financial assistance.

I do hope this helps.



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sweet sister. You are a strong, brave warrior. Keep hanging in with the help of your remarkable, loving daughter. I hope you are able to find a way to get the treatment you need.

Hugs and prayers, Renee

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your question caught my eye...I joined this group couple year post BC (surgery and radiation) and I JOINED TO find out IF i was a survivor...I just considered myself as

HAD cancer!


Posts: 6564
Joined: Oct 2010

your question caught my eye...I joined this group couple year post BC (surgery and radiation) and I JOINED TO find out IF i was a survivor...I just considered myself as

HAD cancer!


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I liked the word one dbs used in a post on here - Thriver. You certainly are that and a lot more. Please stop by your cancer center and ask to speak to the patient advocate. I am certain they could help you find the right program. They have grants, and all that other stuff to help out financially.

You have a wonderful daughter so you must have been a great mother. Some men probably do not know how to deal with breast cancer and so back away. Try and include him, perhaps he sees it as a women thing which it's not at all.

I wish you well in this journey no one ever wants. Remember that 70% of women go on and never again have a recurrence. Think of yourself as not only having survived breast cancer but you are a thriving to better health.


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and then some. Just hang in there and you will find the light at the end of the tunnel. As others have suggested please talk to someone at your local cancer center to find the help you need to finish your treatments.
We are here for you whenever you need us.


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You sure are a Survivor! Everyone on this site is, from the bc board to every other board on this site.

Hugs, Leeza, a survivor

Lynn Smith
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My sister was dx just this past July.She had insurance that paid for double masectomies and her reconstruction BUT her chemo wasn't paid for.She was sent to another hospital nearby that is non profit and pay for chemo and radiation.She is now on her 3rd of 4 chemo treatments.Seems like she might need to pay $200.BUT the chemos are over $5,000.There should be help for you.

You have a great support system.You are a SURVIVOR.

Lynn Smith

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